Teen Treatment Program

Teen Treatment Program | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, our goal in teen treatment is to treat mental health, behavioral health, and drug abuse conditions, by treating the deepest underlying causes and factors present. Rather than simply focusing on teens’ outward symptoms and behaviors, we find that our thorough approach makes a substantial difference in teens being able to achieve meaningful and lasting changes, during their time here with us. At Paradigm San Francisco, we also build each treatment plan individually, and implement evidenced-based interventions which are carefully designed according to each teen’s unique needs, goals, interests, and strengths. We believe this is one of the many things that makes the Paradigm San Francisco difference. Lastly, our treatment plans are designed holistically, to support teens’ overall wholeness and well-being, including: Emotional Health, Family Health, Social Health, Physical Health, Education, and Spiritual Health.

To learn more about our teen treatment program, we encourage you to explore the different aspects of our mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse related treatment programs, by selecting from the options below:


Our Teen Treatment Program Components

Emotional Health

Adolescence is a time of enormous change, development, and growth in a person’s life. Though normal, the dynamics can sometimes cause the emergence of difficult emotional challenges. Our Emotional Health component at Paradigm San Francisco is designed to address teens’ unique emotional needs, throughout the entirety of their treatment process.

Physical Health

Because emotional, mental, and physical health are inseparable, we understand teens’ physical health will support their overall well-being. Our Physical Health program is designed to identify and treat any and all physical factors present.

Social Health

The Social Health aspect of our treatment programs is designed to support teens to improve healthy interactions with others, in a “real world” setting, as they also gain a better understanding of themselves. Since adolescence is a time in which social development is an important milestone, our program is designed to support this important aspect of teens’ well-being and functioning.

Family Health

One of the unique aspects of teen treatment is it involves the entire family. Our Paradigm San Francisco Family Health component is designed to address the family as a unit, and support family members to learn how to communicate and connect in new ways, which will allow healing and growth for everyone.


Education is a central aspect of all teens’ lives and make up the majority of their time. Within 48 hours of Admission to Paradigm San Francisco, all teens receive a comprehensive education assessment, which will be used to design an individualized academic plan, which address teens’ academic needs and goals.