Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment

Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Steroid Abuse Description

Teen Steroid Abuse is a condition in which teens abuse anabolic-androgenic steroids, which are drugs that help to build muscle and to enhance athletic capabilities. These kinds of steroids are usually man-made substances and are similar to testosterone, which is the dominant male hormone. The term “androgenic” refers to the drug creating male-like characteristics, while the term “anabolic” refers the drug’s effect of building muscle. This kind of steroid abuse has received increasing cultural attention in the media, with regard to athletes abusing the substances in order to perform better in professional sports.


Teen Steroid Abuse Symptoms

One of the most serious risks of teen steroid abuse is because of its effects which are similar to testosterone, it can disrupt the healthy functioning of hormones in the body. This is especially dangerous for teens, whose bodies and brains are still developing. Teen steroid abuse can result in teens’ bodies being forced to grow and develop unnaturally quickly and in ways their skeletons and organs are not prepared to support. This can cause severe disruptions to teens’ healthy development and result in permanently stunted growth.

Beyond negatively affecting physical development, Teen steroid abuse can also severely disrupt teens’ brain function and neurotransmitters. Hormones such as testosterone are closely connected with secretion of neurotransmitters that control teens’ moods, among other things. Because of this, teen steroid abuse can lead to severe negative mood symptoms including feelings of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, severe irritability, manic-like episodes, and paranoia. One of the difficulties of this is even once teens stop using the steroids, it may take considerable time for teens’ bodies to recover to healthy, normal functioning.

Some of the other negative symptoms teen steroid abuse may have is it can cause development of male features in females, including things such as causing teen girls to grow facial hair, experience disruption to menstrual cycles, and a deepened voice. In teen males, teen steroid abuse may cause the following symptoms:

  • baldness
  • development of breasts
  • infertility
  • and increase the risk of prostate cancer


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide holistic residential teen steroid abuse treatment. Our treatment process involves a number of different approaches and strategies that help teens to safely discontinue the use of steroids, process deeper emotional stressors and challenges that are connected to their steroid use, and change problematic behaviors and/or implement new healthier ones. In some cases during teen steroid abuse treatment, teens will require careful monitoring and support, as they experience uncomfortable symptoms as they withdraw from the substances. Following this process, we help teens to delve deeper into their substance use, including what kinds of belief systems and thought patterns are in place that may have contributed to them using. Furthermore, at Paradigm San Francisco, our treatment goes beyond just the singular issues of teen steroid abuse, and we provide support for teens in any and all needs, including things such as their emotional, mental, relational, and academic needs. In evaluating their current struggles and steroid use, we want teens to see the bigger picture of valuing their own health and well-being, and to make meaningful, lasting changes that will support this, in the future.