Teen Spice Abuse Treatment

The drug known as “Spice” is an herbal mixture and is often referred to as a man-made marijuana-like substitute. Though technically the five most common Spice ingredients are illegal, manufacturers continue to market new products that are just different enough to be considered legal, but which yield similar effects. Therefore, Spice is relatively easy for teens to get and therefore, one of the most commonly abuse drugs.

Teen Spice Abuse Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Spice Abuse Symptoms

The effects of Spice are similar to that of marijuana, which usually means it promotes feelings of relaxation and slight distortion of senses. In some cases, teens might also experience increased heart rate and/or disruption in the proper blood circulation.

One of the great risks of Teen Spice Abuse is the ingredients in spice are constantly changing and therefore, the effects are extremely unpredictable. This can cause teens to experience severe unforeseen symptoms such as hallucinations, extreme anxiety, vomiting, confusion, heart attack, and more. These kinds of severe Teen Spice Abuse reactions can also be difficult to treat, since often the ingredients found in Spice will be unknown or unfamiliar to doctors, as well as untested by the FDA.

Teen Spice Abuse is still a relatively new condition and because of this, there’s not substantial research on the drug, especially concerning long-term effects. This is another way in which Teen Spice Abuse puts teens at risk for unknown negative long-term effects.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Spice Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we approach all of our mental health and substance abuse treatment plans holistically, including our Teen Spice Abuse treatment. While supporting teens to take the necessary steps to successfully overcome their spice use, we also provide therapeutic sessions and support services, to address needs in all areas of their lives. These programs include working with teens in individual, peer group, and family group therapy sessions, in order to help teens’ rebuild their emotional, mental, physical, relational, and academic health. In talk therapy sessions, our therapists work with teens to address their spice abuse at the deepest level possible, with special consideration to the underlying emotional triggers and stressors which may have gone unaddressed until now. By addressing Teen Spice Abuse treatment in this thorough, holistic manner, our goal is to help teens achieve lasting sobriety from spice, while also supporting them to become stronger and better equipped to succeed, in all areas of their lives.