Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Description

Teen Social Anxiety Disorder is a mental health condition in which teens have an extreme, persistent sense of fear and worry related to interactions with others and/or social situations in general. This anxiety is so intense that it can become debilitating to teens, causing major disruptions in virtually all aspects of their lives, including their relationships, their responsibilities such as school, and their ability to enjoy life.


Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

The most dominating symptom of Teen Social Anxiety Disorder is this intense anxiety causes teens to withdraw from others and isolate themselves. Teens often feel so self-conscious and are so afraid of embarrassing themselves or being judged that they can’t bring themselves to carry-out basic, everyday social functions, such as classroom participation, casual conversation, or interactions with friends. Therefore, in order to eliminate any risk of being forced to do these kinds of things, teens withdraw from others. Even when teens are logically aware that their feelings of anxiety are exaggerated and/or in instances where teens sincerely want to engage socially, they will often still be stuck in a spiral thought pattern, where they can’t escape the overwhelming dread of what they might do to humiliate themselves. Understandably, over time this can lead to increasingly low sense of self-worth and considerable shame.

Sometimes the social anxiety might be related to a specific context or event, such as performing well or a public speaking event; however in other cases, the anxiety might be more general and pervade all different aspects of the teens’ lives.


Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment often involves a combination of therapeutic approaches, including:

  • behavioral therapy
  • talk therapy

As therapists work with teens to explore and express what they are thinking and feeling with regard to their anxiety, they help teens to gain an awareness of what their thought patterns are, what triggers or stressors might be at work, and what sorts of behaviors come about, as a result of those things. Generally speaking, even the simple step of teens beginning to identify what sets their anxiety in motion can be a tremendously powerful and helpful step in them regaining control over their feelings and their ability to interact with others. Moreover, therapists will also help teens to recognize what kinds of stress their dealing with which has resulted in these unfounded fears and pressure, and help teens to deal with those stressors on the deeper level. By helping teens to not only explore what they’re symptoms are, but also the underlying deeper causes, they can support teens to not just grow and recover from this particular form of anxiety, but to grow as people and to strengthen their identities, as well.


Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide residential teen treatment for teens struggling with a number of different substance abuse and mental health conditions, including Teen Social Anxiety Disorder. All of our treatment plans are designed individually, taking into consideration each teen’s unique needs, goals, symptoms, and strengths. While in teen social anxiety disorder treatment at Paradigm San Francisco, all teens undergo individual therapy sessions every day, in addition to numerous other therapeutic groups and activities. Paradigm San Francisco is rated one of the leading teen treatment centers in the country.