Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment

Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Salvia is a type of herb that’s part of the mint family and has strong hallucinogenic properties. Teen salvia addiction is a result of teens chewing the leaves and/or sometimes drinking juice that’s extracted from the herb. The hallucinogenic high associated with salvia is usually short-lived, lasting from a few minutes up to a half hour, and is produced by affecting the nervous system.


Teen Salvia Addiction Symptoms

Salvia produces hallucinogenic effects that distort the senses, including bodily sensations, vision, mood, and a teen’s sense of connection with reality. Salvia works by affecting specific areas of the brain that are associated with sense of pain, mood, and awareness. The effects of salvia can come on very quickly, and therefore teens can suddenly feel confused about what is happening, where they are, or other basic information about their current state. Furthermore, teens might also have difficulty discerning what is real and what isn’t, while high.

Because of salvia’s effects, it can be very dangerous to teens, as it may put them into risky situations and/or cause them to behave recklessly. For instance, it would be very dangerous for teens on salvia to drive or to operate machinery of any kind. Furthermore, as with any substance that directly affects the proper functioning of the brain, salvia use may cause negative effects to healthy brain chemistry and health. There has been little research done on salvia abuse and addiction regarding long-term effects, so there are still an abundance of questions surrounding long-term risk of negative effects.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we pride ourselves in providing teen salvia addiction treatment that goes beyond just supporting teens to achieve sobriety. While the first step in treatment is indeed to ensure teens’ end their Salvia use and break their addiction, we want to also help teens address deeper needs and struggles. To do so, we approach teen salvia addiction treatment holistically and spend time evaluating and addressing all aspects of teens’ lives, including things ranging from their relationships with family to their belief systems and thought patterns to their stress related to academics. In this manner, our treatment programs offer a wide selection of therapeutic services and contexts, so that teens can fully address all the different emotional struggles and stressors in their lives. The result is that teens not only achieve lasting sobriety, but also become stronger, improve their relationships, and gain important tools and resources for navigating future challenges.