Teen Relapse Prevention

Teen Relapse Prevention | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco we offer Teen Relapse Prevention program to help educate teens and their families on Relapse.  In providing Teen Substance Abuse treatment, one of our primary goals is to support teens in all areas of their lives, so they can successfully recover and maintain their sobriety, without relapse, upon leaving Paradigm. Because we understand the many challenges and pitfalls which teens have to navigate in order to accomplish this, we incorporate intentional Relapse Prevention support and strategies, into teen treatment plans.  Our Teen Relapse Prevention education is a time in which we help teens to become aware of the relapse process, so that they are substantially equipped to navigate the challenges thereof.

While teens are in treatment at Paradigm San Francisco, they enjoy the benefits of being away from many of the every-day stressors, temptations, and triggers in their lives.  While this proves to provide teens with valuable relief and space to make positive changes in their lives, we also want to prepare teens to succeed in their lives, outside of Paradigm.  To this end, in our Teen Relapse Prevention Education classes, we educate teens and families as to the most common relapse triggers and processes.  It’s worth noting that we never provide this information in order to manipulate teens, by scaring them; instead, we want teens to be aware of challenges they might have to face, so that they can be intentional and careful, in navigating their new sobriety, especially at the beginning.

During our Relapse Prevention sessions, we also educate teens and families on the process of relapse, including the warning signs which most often occur, before relapse happens.  Whereas many people believe that relapse ends up being one bad decision in a moment of temptation or weakness, there are often a series of steps involved.  To this end, we help parents and family members become aware of warning signs, how to ask questions and address concerns, how teens can navigate their own stressors and/or know when to ask for help, and how parents can balance their need to trust their teens as well as be actively involved.  Overall, we find that when teens and families are on the same page about different roles throughout this process, they are better able to communicate and connect, in healthy, successful ways.

In addition to teaching teens and families about common causes of relapse, we also work with them to learn practical behaviors and measures they can take, in order to face the struggles successfully.  This information is often incredibly helpful for parents and family members, who will be teens’ first support network, in helping teens to remain sober, upon returning home.  During these sessions, therapists will provide both general practices and advice, as well as engaging with families to address particular dynamics and/or issues they might be aware of.  

At Paradigm San Francisco, our goal is not just to help teens stop certain behaviors, while they’re here with us, only to return to them and the underlying struggles, once they leave.  For teens with substance abuse conditions, this means supporting them to address their condition from the root causes, and then rebuild their lives to support their sobriety.  Our Teen Relapse Prevention program helps protect and support the incredible progress teens make here at Paradigm, so they can go on to live their healthiest, happiest lives.