Teen Recreational Therapy

Teen Recreational Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoAs countless research studies have shown, regular exercise and physical activity have numerous health benefits of the body, mind, and mood.  As one aspect of our physical health component of our Paradigm San Francisco treatment plans, we offer Teen Recreational Therapy.  This program includes a wide range of different physical activities and outdoor adventures, including things such as:

  • personal training
  • hiking
  • surf lessons
  • bike riding

We find that our Teen Recreational Therapy program benefits teens in many ways, as they enjoy fun, sober, exciting activities which often help improve their mood, increase energy, and help them learn positive, healthy activities that they can incorporate into their lives.

  • Teen Recreational Therapy has grown to be increasingly popular in recent years, proving to show a wide range of health benefits.  Most prominently, Teen Recreational Therapy is meant to help restore and rehabilitate different aspects of the physical body that may have been negatively impacted by the teens’ mental health and/or substance abuse condition.  These improvements include things such as: increased energy
  • improved blood flow
  • improved appetite
  • improved sleep

At the same time, because physical health and mental and emotional health are so intimately linked, very often teens also benefit in other ways such as improved mood, decreased anxiety, improved ability to cope with stress, and so on.  And lastly, there are also a number of other unique benefits Teen Recreational Therapy often provide, such as helping teens to feel confident, to improve social interactions, and to feel energized and motivated.  

While many of our Teen Recreational Therapy sessions are conducted as group experiences, we’re always careful and sensitive to the particular needs and/or limits of teens in the group.  The goal of this time is not to push beyond limits or become experts in an activity, but rather to provide a safe, supportive environment where the teens can have fun in different physical activities.  While supporting teens to challenge themselves and learn something new can be healthy, we understand teens have different abilities and skills and we always give full consideration to these differences.  Overall, our teens here at Paradigm San Francisco do a great job of supporting each other, inspiring each other, and enjoying time together learning new ways of promoting their own physical and mental health.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re dedicated to helping teens feel better in their time here with us, by working with them to address the deeper underlying issues at play in their lives.  At the same time, we want to empower teens to rebuild healthy lives upon their return home.  One aspect of this is showing teens positive, healthy, fun activities which they can enjoy sober and which help them to feel better. Our Teen Recreational Therapy is a wonderful opportunity to help teens enjoy the benefits of these adventures, while also exposing them to numerous new healthy, fun activities.