Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy

One of the therapeutic approaches we incorporate into treatment plans is Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy.  This form of therapy concentrates on the underlying connections between teens’ conscious and/or unconscious thoughts, desires, feelings, and tendencies, with their outward behaviors.  In Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy, therapists work with teens to help them to not just address behaviors directly, but to explore and identify what sorts of causes are at play, which they may or may not be aware of.  The main goals of this kind of therapeutic work is for teens to gain more knowledge and insight into themselves, which they can use both in addressing any unresolved conflicts in their lives and also better navigate conflicts moving forward.  Teen Psycho-Dynamic therapy is one of the very oldest types of therapy.

At Paradigm San Francisco, our treatment plans are designed in order for teens to explore the deeper issues that are contributing to and/or aggravating their current negative symptoms and challenges.  To this end, Teen Psycho-Dynamic therapy is a very effective technique, in helping teens to learn to observe themselves and draw connections as to why they’re feeling and behaving the way they are.  The connections which teens focus on are both regarding present and past experiences, especially any potential traumatic experiences from childhood, which haven’t been addressed.  

Within this framework, therapists will help teens to especially focus on any inner conflicts that affect their belief systems, thought patterns, identities, and/or healthy development.  For instance, in cases of trauma, teens can sometimes miss out on a certain stage of development, because the brain is disrupted by trauma and then teens find unconscious ways of avoiding that pain.  This can cause a sort of barrier, which causes the teens to miss out on a natural stage of development.  By addressing these sources of trauma in treatment, healing can occur which will allow teens to develop in ways they missed out on, previously.  This is extremely valuable during this important stage of adolescence, in which so many changes and forms of growth are taking place.
Our therapists incorporate Teen Psychodynamic Therapy into individual therapy sessions and usually provide teens with a single goal to focus on, during this time.  Teen Psychodynamic Therapy is an excellent type of therapy to help teens to create lasting changes which they can sustain over time, and which have profound effects on numerous different areas of their lives.  Teen Psychodynamic Therapy has been shown to be successful in treating a number of Mental Health and Substance Abuse disorders, including but not limited to: Teen Anxiety Disorder, Teen Depression, Teen Bipolar Disorder, Teen Eating Disorders, and more.