Teen Psychiatric Evaluation

Teen Psychiatric EvaluationOne of the trademarks of Paradigm San Francisco is we approach all treatment design holistically, and aim to be as precise and thorough as possible. This commitment begins from the very first phone calls between families and our intake team members, to the decision process as to whether Paradigm San Francisco is the best fit for your teen, to the diagnostic and interview processes, and the therapeutic work of the treatment plan. What we’ve seen is that this commitment to thorough, precise work results in highly successful treatment experiences for teens which stand far and above the vast majority of other treatment options available.

With this said, successful treatment begins with careful diagnosis. One aspect of our diagnostic process includes our Teen Psychiatric Evaluation, which all teens receive, upon admittance to Paradigm. Throughout the psychiatric evaluation, therapists will work with teens to address an array of different subjects, including but not limited to:

  • past and current health issues
  • family relationships
  • family health history
  • past and present medications
  • school
  • friendships and peer relationships
  • childhood development

The great breadth of this evaluation is to allow the psychiatrist to gain a complete picture of the teens’ lives, and especially any information that may be pertinent, in designing treatment.

All of this information from the Psychiatric Evaluation is then used in conjunction with other aspects of the teens’ diagnostic interview process, as the treatment team designs the unique plan for the individual teen. Because the Psychiatric Evaluation covers so much more than just outward symptoms, we’re able to design treatment that is not simply just a generic prescription for an illness, but rather, a custom-tailored plan for your teen and his or her life. Though there are many benefits to this approach, a central one is this also allows us to carefully screen and diagnosis Co-Occurring Disorders, which all too often go missed and untreated in treatment, leaving teens to continue battling symptoms that have gone virtually unaddressed. In our opinion, this is just foolish and lazy care, as research shows that the likelihood of teens having a substance abuse disorder if they’re struggling with a mental health condition is drastically increased, and the reverse is true as well.

Overall, our teen Psychiatric Evaluation is just one of the tools that ensures we have every resource we need, in order to provide teens with holistic treatment that goes beyond addressing symptoms, and works toward supporting teens to make lasting positive changes in their lives.