Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide teen prescription drug abuse treatment, which is a growing problem among teens. Teen Prescription Drug Abuse extends to include teens “abusing” any type of prescription drug, meaning either taking a drug in excess of the prescribed amount, using it in a different manner than prescribed, and/or (what is most often the case) taking a drug that wasn’t prescribed to them.


Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Symptoms

Teens usually take these prescription medications in order to gain a “high” effect, which means they’ll often take more than the intended amount and/or take it in a manner (such as crushing and snorting) in order to intensify the effects. This is extremely dangerous for a number reasons, especially considering the most commonly abused prescription drugs are:

  • stimulants
  • depressants
  • opioids

These strong substances can be extremely addictive to teens and so, even a one-time experimental use can lead to addiction. Furthermore, because teens’ brains are still developing, even small amounts of these substances can have severe effects on their brain development, and in some cases, can cause lasting or even permanent effects.

Another one of the dangers of teen prescription drug abuse is that teens don’t have any knowledge or familiarity with the drugs they’re taking. When doctors prescribe these medications, they take into a number of different factors (such as weight, and family history of addiction) in order to ensure there is a safe, healthy amount being prescribed. The majority of the time when teens take these drugs, they really are completely unaware of what the effects will be. Furthermore, because teens often take the drugs in a manner and/or amount to get a high, they’re likely to put themselves at higher risks of these negative side effects. It’s also common for teens to take the drugs in combination with alcohol, which further endangers them. Meanwhile, all of these unintended, unsafe practices make teens highly vulnerable to developing dependency and/or addiction to these substances.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide holistic residential teen prescription drug abuse treatment. As with all of our treatment programs, we approach teen prescription drug abuse from a holistic standpoint, drawing upon the best combination of traditional and progressive approaches. We design treatment to thoroughly address not only teens’ physical dependency, but all aspects of teens’ physical, mental, and behavioral well-being. To this end, we work with teens in individual and group therapy sessions, to help them address their behaviors and dependency on the deepest level possible, by doing important introspective work with therapists to address the deeper emotional stressors and challenges present. By working with teens in this manner, we’re able to help them recover from addiction and negative symptoms, while also making invaluable insights and observations that help them to rebuild and grow in all areas of their lives.