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Teen Phobia Description

Teen Phobia Disorder is an Anxiety Disorder, in which teens experience intense fear and worry related to a particular thing, event, or person. The intensity of the fear can become so encompassing that it can cause a panic attack, if the teens come into contact with the trigger. This leads to teens going to extreme lengths to avoid any sort of situation where they might come into proximity with the given phobia, which in time often leads to significant challenges in the teens leading normal, healthy lives. Some of the most common examples of phobias include:

  • heights
  • water
  • spiders
  • snakes
  • flying



Teen Phobia Symptoms

In some instances, teen phobias may arise as a direct result of a difficult experience or traumatic incident, which can cause an anxious reaction in the brain that is stored as a memory. In other instances, Teen Phobia may develop without any known cause or relationship.

The symptoms of Teen Phobia are directly related to the teens’ anxiety and fear of the given trigger. Some of the symptoms that can arise include:

  • teens becoming frozen when in contact with the phobia
  • constant distraction and anxiety about avoiding the Phobia
  • extreme avoidance of situations and withdrawal from others
  • panic attacks and related symptoms
  • difficulty maintaining academic responsibilities
  • tension in relationships
  • a low sense of self-worth


Teen Phobia Treatment

Teen Phobia Treatment usually involves therapists working with teens with both behavioral therapy and talk therapy approaches. Therapists will work with teens to evaluate the process of their anxiety and what thought patterns happen, once triggered. By helping teens to gain awareness into their thought patterns, they can begin to gain insight as to how to learn to curb and slow down that spiral anxiety process. Therapists will teach teens tools and techniques to learn how to respond in new, healthier ways to stress, as well as to rebuild a discernment of when they are in danger and when they’re not. In time, this will help teens to let go of the old thought patterns that are the cause for the anxiety, while also learning healthy ways to relax and reduce stress.

At Paradigm San Francisco, some of the stress reduction techniques therapists often imply include things such as:


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Paradigm San Francisco is one of the country’s leading adolescent treatment centers, specializing in holistic-minded treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders, including Teen Phobia Treatment. At Paradigm San Francisco, our team of treatment providers is comprised of highly credentialed professionals in their fields who have spent their careers dedicated to improving the lives of young people. Paradigm San Francisco prides itself in providing treatment that not only helps teens to gain relief from symptoms, but to heal and grow in all areas of their lives.