Teen Personality Disorder Treatment

Teen Personality Disorder Description

Teens with Personality Disorders often have an eccentric, abnormal way of thinking and feeling, which causes them to behave surprisingly and/or outside of social norms. This leads to significant friction in their interactions, relationships, and responsibilities.


Teen Personality Disorder Symptoms

There are four different basic categories of Teen Personality Disorders. They include:

While each different type of disorder has its own set of unique symptoms, there are a number of symptoms that are common across all types. These symptoms include:

  • substance abuse issues
  • difficulty in relationships
  • unpredictable behaviors
  • need for instant gratification
  • frequent mood swings


Teen Personality Disorder Treatment

Teen Personality Disorder Treatment is primarily designed to address teens’ thoughts and behaviors, as well as the unique aspects of their lives that have been affected, such as their individual close relationships, academic responsibilities, and social interactions. Therapists work with teens to help them recognize and identify what problematic thoughts and behaviors are present, and what kinds of negative effects those behaviors have, on both the teens as well as others. Over time, by helping teens to become aware of their behaviors and the consequences, teens can gain insight as to how to make positive changes in their lives, such as introducing healthy behaviors and/or new strategies, so that they can learn to conduct themselves more healthily and effectively.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we believe that family therapy is instrumental to adolescent therapy. This is why we incorporate individual and multi-family group sessions into all treatment plans. This proves pivotal in the context of Teen Personality Disorder Treatment in which relationships are often severely strained. Thus, it’s not uncommon for family members and loved ones to have suffered considerable challenge, due to the teens’ behaviors. During Teen Personality Disorder Treatment, we want to support the overall well-being of the teens, as well as the whole family unit.


Paradigm San Francisco

Paradigm San Francisco is an adolescent treatment center that specializes in holistic residential treatment. At Paradigm San Francisco, we work with teens struggling with a wide array of mental health and/or substance abuse conditions, including Teen Personality Disorders. Paradigm San Francisco is one of the only treatment centers in the nation that provides individual therapy sessions to teens every day while in treatment, in addition to numerous other therapeutic classes and activities. Our treatment and support team at Paradigm San Francisco is made up of experts in their fields who have spent their careers dedicated to improving the lives of young people.