Teen Opioid Abuse Treatment

Teen Opioid Abuse Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide residential teen opioid abuse treatment, as well as a wide selection of teen mental health and teen substance abuse conditions. Teen opioid abuse is one of the most dangerous forms of substance abuse and requires professional treatment, in order to ensure teens withdraw and recover safely. Teen opioid abuse usually involves opioid prescription drugs that were not prescribed for the teens, but as pain killers for patients that are in serious, chronic pain and/or for patients immediately following surgery. For this reason, opioids are extremely strong drugs, which makes the possibility of addiction and/or overdose very high. The most commonly abused prescription opioids include:

  • Codeine
  • Fentanyl
  • Morphine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Methadone
  • Oxycodone


Teen Opioid Abuse Symptoms

Teen Opioid Abuse often occurs when teens take prescription opioids that were not prescribed for them, and sometimes, in excess of the prescribed amount. Sometimes teens will also take opioids in a manner that’s not prescribed (such as crushing and snorting) in order to obtain a quicker, stronger high. All of these behaviors make teens extremely vulnerable to becoming addicted or overdosing. Opioids are such strong substances that teens can become addicted after even one use and also can fatally overdose by even one dosage that is too high. Another effect of Teen Opioid abuse is teens can become addicted and over time, this leads to heroin use and addiction, as teens continue to seek a stronger, more powerful high. This opioid “high” is provoked because of the way in which opioids attach to brain receptors and diminish perceptions of pain, which can also result in feelings of ease, relaxation, or pleasure.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Opioid Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm San Francsico, our teen opioid abuse treatment plans are designed according to teens’ unique individual needs and considerations, and are very similar to our treatment of heroin. The first step in teen opioid abuse treatment is to oversee teens’ safe withdrawal from the substance, which is overseen by our mental health professionals as well as our nurse practitioner. Once teens have successfully withdrawn, our program includes both talk therapy and behavioral therapy strategies, while drawing upon the best of traditional and progressive methodologies. Our therapists work with teens to help them identify changes they can implement in their lives, which will support their continued recovery and sobriety, moving forward. At the same time, therapists also work with teens to help them uncover and address any underlying emotional triggers, stressors, or points of tension in their lives, which may be connected to their opioid abuse in some way. This work is carefully carried out in a number of different sessions and programs, including:

  • individual therapy sessions
  • group therapy sessions
  • therapeutic family work
  • peer group support
  • academic support programs

Our goal here is to help teens to address and rebuild all areas of their lives which have been negatively affected by their opioid use, as well as help them to heal and gain perspective on themselves, as people. In this way, teens are not just able to leave Paradigm San Francisco sober, but also stronger, healthier, and better prepared to navigate future challenges, moving forward.


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