Teen Neurofeedback Treatment

Teen Neurofeedback Treatment | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we incorporate a combination of traditional and progressive therapeutic strategies, in order to create the most holistic, precise, effective treatment plan possible.  To this end, we’re proud to offer a wider selection of therapy techniques than any other treatment center in the country.  One of the therapeutic techniques we offer is teen neurofeedback treatment.

Neurofeedback is a type of therapy which focuses on teaching teens to regulate their brain function, specifically related to symptoms connected to mental health conditions.  Essentially what happens in Neurofeedback sessions is teens get to observe their own brain activity in real time, which allows them to gradually focus on reactions and/or stimulations they commonly experience. Neurofeedback is a widely practiced therapy and has been shown to be effective in treating a number of different mental health conditions, including:

During teen neurofeedback treatment sessions, sensors are placed onto the scalp which measure brain waves.  This process is called electroencephalography (or EEG).  At the same time, another process called hemoencephalography (or HEG) uses MRIs to track the brain’s blood flow.  Through the information that these two processes provide, therapists can observe what areas of teens’ brains might be over-active or under-active, while also deducing how this brain activity might be related to the mental health condition.  While this is occurring, teens are watching the activity in the brain on a computer screen, while being guided through conversation by their therapist.  Over time, as teens begin to make connections and gain an understanding of their brain activity, they can actually learn ways to manage certain reactions or lack of reaction, in order to gain relief from symptoms.  Not only do teens benefit from Neurofeedback because of symptom improvement but also from gaining an awareness of themselves, their reactions, and their processes.
One of the great attributes of teen neurofeedback treatment is it naturally lends itself to individualized treatment that specifically addresses teens’ unique needs. Because the Neurofeedback sessions provide teens the ability to observe themselves in real time, both physically and emotionally, they can gain incredibly useful insights into their current symptoms, struggles, and experiences.  At Paradigm San Francisco we’re very committed to this level of individualized, thorough care, which is evident in every step of our diagnosis and treatment process.