Teen Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment

Teen Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide residential treatment for all teen personality disorders, including teen narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder is characterized by teens constantly focusing on themselves and their own needs, desires, thoughts, and perspectives. This self-focus is so overwhelming that it causes teens to think their experiences are superior to others and also causes them to be obsessed with themselves. This causes disruptions to teens’ normal daily functioning, especially within relationships.

Teen Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms

There are five subtypes of teen narcissistic personality disorder. They include:

  1. Amorous narcissist – characterized by teens being overly dramatic and emotional
  2. Compensatory narcissist – characterized by teens feeling inadequate which creates passive-aggressive behaviors
  3. Unprincipled narcissist – characterized by acting immorally, such as cheating or lying, without remorse
  4. Fanatic narcissist – characterized by teens that experience a trauma which causes them to fantasize about certain events that will “right them” in others’ eyes
  5. Elitist narcissist – characterized by teens having an extremely high opinion of themselves and seeking success in order to be able to be superior over others

While teens with narcissistic personality disorder are not necessarily unkind or uncaring about other people, they do tend to compulsively put their own needs and thoughts before others. This general attitude characterizes many aspects of teens’ lives.

Therefore, some of the symptoms which teens show include, but are not limited to:

  • believing they’re more interesting and/or important than others
  • excessively bragging about accomplishments
  • exaggerating their own talents
  • believing they deserve praise from others
  • needing praise and affirmation from others
  • believing others are jealous of them
  • showing lack of understanding and empathy for others
  • controlling conversations and/or interactions
  • having unrealistic expectations of themselves
  • inability to listen well to others
  • showing stubbornness and/or a short temper when challenged by others
  • have difficulty creating and maintaining relationships

Paradigm San Francisco Teen Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, teen narcissistic personality disorder treatment involves a combination of talk therapy and behavioral therapy strategies. We work with teens in individual and group therapy sessions, in order to help them first uncover all different aspects of their current experiences and struggles, including their thought patterns, feelings, belief systems, relationships, stressors, and underlying emotional triggers. It’s especially important during teen narcissistic personality disorder treatment to identify any potential sources of insecurity and/or shame, which may be contributing to teens’ current behaviors and struggles. From this deeper introspective standpoint, therapists then help teens to evaluate the nature of their current behaviors and their affects, including how their behaviors have affected others and their relationships. Over time, therapists will help teens to identify what changes to behaviors and/or implementation of new behaviors will help teens to better navigate their own stress and challenges, as well as to be more successful in their relationships. Throughout this process, we also provide a number of supplemental support programs that provide teens’ with support in specific areas of their lives, such as their academics, family matters, and/or social struggles.