Teen Music Therapy

Teen Music Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we proudly offer one of the most extensive selections of Expressive Arts Therapy programs of any adolescent treatment center in the nation.  We believe that the incorporation of these creative therapeutic modalities is pivotal in our success with providing teens with the most individual and precise treatment plan possible.  One of these programs is our Teen Music Therapy, which incorporates the clinical use of music for therapeutic purposes.  Teen Music Therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment modality for a number of different mental health and substance abuse conditions, including Teen Depression, Teen Anxiety, Teen Bipolar Disorder, and more.

It’s worth noting that Teen Music Therapy sessions are not at all based on a teen’s ability to play music, nor is there any judgment about how the teen engages with the music.  Rather, the music serves as a powerful platform, from which teens can begin to evaluate important aspects of their current experiences.  Furthermore, all of our Teen Music Therapy sessions are led by a Music Therapist who is highly skilled in therapeutic work as well as work with adolescents.  Overall, teens find the Music Therapy sessions to be both enjoyable and meaningful, especially as music plays such an important role for so many people, during the adolescent years.  Music Therapy has been shown to be helpful in helping teens to process and work through social, emotional, and physical struggles, within the treatment setting.

During Teen Music Therapy sessions, the therapist may often have teens interact with music in numerous different ways, including listening to it, creating it, singing it, and sometimes dancing to it.  The shape of the Music Therapy sessions will be largely based on the therapist’s assessment of the teens’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being, as well as their communication styles, their ability to relate socially, and their cognitive skills.  The therapist can then use the assessment to shape and guide the teens through the musical activities, in ways that will directly pertain to their current struggles.  Our music therapists are highly skilled in intentionally forming these sessions based on the teens’ individual and group needs, and encouraging teens to engage in the activities in ways that will benefit their larger treatment goals, here at Paradigm San Francisco.
As with many of our other Expressive Arts Therapy programs, Teen Music Therapy tends to be an extremely useful tool in helping teens to access undiscovered thoughts, feelings and beliefs, that are deeply related to their current struggles.  Because of the enjoyable, organic nature of Music Therapy sessions, often teens are able to easily engage the process without feeling pressure or anxiety, and this in turn, allows them to make meaningful discoveries more easily.  These insights are then incorporated into other teens’ other treatment sessions, as one as aspect of support toward teens’ larger treatment goals.