Teen Mood Disorder Treatment

Teen Mood Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Mood Disorder Description

Teen Mood Disorder Treatment includes treatment of a number of different mental health conditions that are characterized by an ongoing low mood that doesn’t correspond to circumstances or causes. The most common Mood Disorders among teens are Bipolar Disorder and Depression and many of the teens that suffer from Substance Abuse conditions also wrestle with symptoms of Depression. At Paradigm San Francisco, we offer comprehensive adolescent treatment for all Teen Mood Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders.


Teen Mood Disorder Symptoms

As the name implies, a Mood Disorder is a mental health condition that directly affect teens’ moods, causing them to suffer negative underlying feelings that overwhelm virtually all other feelings and experiences in their lives. Because this effect on mood is so strong, it can be difficult for teens to maintain their responsibilities as well as their relationships. While some Teen Mood Disorders may be triggered initially by a tragic life event or other difficult circumstance, they sometimes may arise or develop without any known cause.

While symptoms of Teen Mood Disorders vary according to the condition as well as the individual, there are some symptoms that are common consistently, including but not limited to:

  • overwhelming feelings of hopelessness
  • ongoing sadness
  • discouragement as to why the sadness is present
  • change in appetite
  • insomnia
  • inability to concentrate
  • indecisiveness
  • stomach aches and/or headaches
  • withdrawal from others
  • fatigue
  • thoughts and feelings of self-harm


Teen Mood Disorder Treatment

Treatment for Teen Mood Disorders will often involve a combination of therapeutic efforts and approaches, including Medication, Talk Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy. Because brain chemical imbalance is a common contributor to teen mood disorders, medication can sometimes be extremely helpful in helping to alleviate symptoms and discomfort. Sometimes teens may only take medication temporarily, as an initial effort to help rebalance levels, and in other cases, teens may take it longer-term, based on their unique needs.

During Talk Therapy sessions, therapists work with teens to help them to identify the patterns at play, with what they’re thinking and feeling, as they experience these challenging low moods and corresponding symptoms. By helping teens to become more aware of things such as triggers, stressors, and other factors at play, teens can gain knowledge as to how the mood swings tend to play out in their lives, and gradually begin to make changes to improve those things, over time. This is closely related to the work teens might do in Behavioral Therapy Sessions, where therapists will work with teens to help them to reflect upon their behaviors, the effects of those behaviors, and what changes teens might be able to make, accordingly. In this way, Paradigm San Francisco treatment supports teens to heal and recover from the causes of their symptoms, while also learning healthier ways to cope against struggles, moving forward.


Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we offer adolescent residential treatment for a wide range of teen mood disorders. Within our teen mood disorder treatment, we implement a combination of individual and group therapy, focused on outward behaviors as well as inner emotional causes and triggers. At the same time, we incorporate a number of different therapeutic classes and groups at Paradigm San Francisco, including things such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Equine Therapy. In providing teens with treatment for Mood Disorders, it’s our goal not just to help them gain some relief from their symptoms, but to help them through the kind of important work and deep healing that will allow them to live their best, happiest lives.