Teen Mindfulness Therapy

Teen Mindfulness Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoTeen Mindfulness Therapy is a therapeutic strategy that promotes mindfulness in teens, by teaching meditative-like strategies, as a way to deal with mental health and substance abuse symptoms.  The general practice of mindfulness refers to the technique of practicing intentional awareness of teens’ current experience, such as thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and inclinations.  Used in conjunction with teens’ individual and group talk therapy sessions, these insights can be applied in numerous different contexts, such as helping teens to identify how to fend off triggers, as well as what kinds of positive changes are needed in their lives.

One of the central aspects of Mindfulness should always take place without judgment, and simply as a practice of observation.  Therefore, therapists teach teens to observe thoughts and feelings, without reacting and/or attaching to them in any way.  The application, then, is that as teens grow more aware of their thoughts and feelings, they’ll also learn their triggers, their cycles, their habits and behaviors; however, while becoming aware of them, they also won’t punish themselves or feel guilty about them.

Teaching teens mindfulness is valuable for numerous reasons.  First of all, the practice in itself can improve negative symptoms, such as to reduce stress, slow down teens’ thoughts, and reduce anxiety.  Secondly, mindfulness has also been shown to reduce triggers over time, which drastically improves teens’ symptoms, stress, and confidence to feel a sense of empowerment in their own lives.

Teen Mindfulness therapy is one of the Alternative Therapy programs we offer at Paradigm San Francisco, as part of our mental health and substance abuse programs.  We incorporate Teen Mindfulness alongside a number of different traditional and progressive modalities, including individual teen therapy sessions, every day while teens are at Paradigm.
At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide holistic adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment.  Paradigm San Francisco prides itself in offering one of the largest sections of Alternative Therapy programs of any treatment center in the country, as well as numerous family and parent support programs.