Teen Meth Abuse Treatment

Teen Meth Abuse Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide teen treatment for a wide range of substance abuse and mental health conditions, including Teen Meth Abuse Treatment. Meth (or Methamphetamine) is an extremely addictive, strong stimulant drug that comes in an odorless, white powder form and is usually smoked, snorted, or injected. Meth causes a stimulating, euphoric high by affecting the central nervous system, and causing a rush of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that signals feelings of pleasure, among other things) to the brain.


Teen Meth Abuse Symptoms

Meth is a stimulant and has effects similar to Cocaine or other stimulant drugs. Thus, Meth stimulates both the brain and body, and has effects such as: increased heart rate and blood pressure; increased energy; increased concentration; racing thoughts; insomnia; anxiety and/or agitation; aggressive/violent behavior; increased physical activity and restlessness; decreased appetite; and in some cases, psychotic symptoms such as delusions and/or paranoia. In some cases, teens may also experience symptoms such as nose-bleeds and severe dental problems, as prolonged meth abuse damages the mouth tissues. Meth can also cause teens to lose weight, and because of this is commonly present as a Co-Occurring disorder with a Teen Eating Disorder, such as Teen Anorexia or Teen Bulimia.

Beyond the physical symptoms which Teen Meth Abuse causes, there are also a number of negative effects to other areas of teens’ lives. Because teens become increasingly reliant upon the drug, they tend to become flaky and irresponsible with responsibilities such as school work and extracurricular activities. Therefore, it’s common for teens’ school performance to drop and/or be suspended or reprimanded regarding responsibilities. Beyond this, they may also withdraw from friends, suddenly change peer groups, and/or withdraw from others completely. Teen Meth Abuse also tends to cause tension in relationships between teens and their family members.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Meth Abuse Treatment

Teen Meth Abuse is an illness that harms just about every aspect of teens’ lives, including their physical and mental well-being. At Paradigm San Francisco, we design our Teen Meth Abuse treatment plans to address all aspects of teens’ lives, in order to address the illness and its effects in the most thorough and precise manner possible. We begin by monitoring teens’ withdrawal from the substance, during which time we provide physical, mental, and emotional support. Then our team of therapists work with teens to help them address their behaviors, as well as the underlying feelings and thoughts, which may have either caused and/or aggravated teens’ drug use. What we find is that very often, teens who are abusing meth also have unresolved mental and emotional issues and struggles that they need to address. Throughout the treatment process, we support teens to do this important introspective work and address the feelings and thoughts they’ve been struggling with on the deepest possible level, so that their healing and recovery is complete. This not only allows teens to maintain sobriety following their time here at Paradigm, but also prepares them to better navigate the stressors and challenges in their lives, from here forward.