Teen Mental Health Treatment

Teen Mental Health Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm Treatment, all of our teen mental health treatment programs are designed holistically, drawing upon the best combination of progressive and traditional therapeutic approaches. All teens participate in both individual and group therapy sessions, as well as a number of other therapeutic support programs and classes, every day while in treatment. Prior to admission at Paradigm Treatment, all teens undergo a psychiatric evaluation which is part of the thorough diagnostic process, and which the teens’ team of therapists use in designing the teen mental health treatment plan. Our treatment design process is highly individualized, as we tailor treatment to teens’ strengths, interests, and goals, as well as their current symptoms and struggles. Unlike many adolescent treatment centers, teen mental health treatment is not simply designed according to a handful of outward symptoms or a blanket diagnosis. We pay thorough, careful attention to presence of Co-Occurring disorders and also offer a wide range of supplemental support systems, to help teens with their needs and goals in all areas of their lives. At Paradigm Treatment, we’re committed to going greatly beyond just helping teens address symptoms, and instead seek to assist teens in experiencing healing and growth which allows them to live their best, healthiest lives.

Individualized Teen Mental Health Treatment

One of the cornerstones of treatment that sets Paradigm Treatment apart from other treatment facilities is we design every teen mental health treatment plan according to each teen’s unique needs and goals. This is not only the case for the diagnostic process but also throughout the entirety of the teen’s treatment experience.

One of the ways we’re able to provide this kind of individualized care is all teens receive individual therapy sessions, every day while in treatment. These individual therapy sessions ensure that teens are staying engaged and present in their therapeutic work and progress, as their lead therapists can work with them daily. In addition to these sessions, teens also take part in peer group therapy sessions and classes, family therapy sessions, and a number of other therapeutic activities (such as Teen Art Therapy, Teen Equine Therapy, and Teen Meditation Therapy, just to name a few.)

During therapy sessions, therapists work to support teens to evaluate and address the different aspects of their current experience, as it related to their mental illness. Much of the work therapists help teens to do is important introspective work, to help teens to recognize their habits and behaviors, triggers and stressors, false belief systems that might be present, and/or unhealthy thought patterns. From a behavioral standpoint, therapists might also work with teens to help them adjust and/or implement new behaviors, such as practicing ways to cope with symptoms, ways to alleviate stress, and/or more healthy ways of communicating. The goal of combining these strategies is to help teens to gain relief from their current struggles, while also helping them to learn new strategies and healthy ways of coping, moving forward, so that when challenges do arise, they’re better able to manage them. Moreover, in some instances, a teen’s therapist and psychiatrist may recommend medication, to help reduce symptoms, which often will provide relief to teens that will enable them to more successfully engage in other aspects of their treatment. In this regard, we’re committed to being observant and careful with finding the right medication for each teen’s individual needs, and accompanying teens and families throughout this process.

This level of individual attention, planning, and care that we provide at Paradigm Treatment is only possible because of our incredibly skilled, committed staff of mental health professionals, and our high staff-to-teen ratio, which is the best of any teen treatment facility in the country. All teens are provided with a lead therapist as well as a team of other support, which results in the kind of consistent and thorough oversight and insights which result in extremely meaningful, successful teen mental health treatment.

Paradigm Treatment Parent Support

At Paradigm Treatment, our Family therapy and Parent Support programs go hand-in-hand with our teen mental health treatment plans. We are dedicated to working with parents from day one, even as they navigate what their teens’ needs are and what kind of care they are looking for. We’ve designed a number of programs to ensure that parents here feel supported in every way, including getting feedback from therapists; speaking regularly with their teens; having their questions answered; and participating in sessions and classes that help them feel better equipped to support their teens, through this time. We also provide free ongoing support services, following teens’ time here at Paradigm Treatment.

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