Teen Medical Evaluation

Teen Medical Evaluation | Paradigm San FranciscoAs one important aspect of our initial assessment and diagnostic process, all teens entering Paradigm San Francisco are given a thorough teen medical evaluation, in order to gain baseline measures of the teens’ overall physical health. In an effort to create and implement treatment plans that address teens’ physical, mental, emotional, and relational health, our diagnostic process addresses all of these factors as a way to provide pertinent information to our treatment team, to be used in creating teens’ individual treatment plans.  The teen Medical Evaluation is usually conducted by our nurse practitioner and will be used in conjunction with the teen’s psychiatrist, nutritionists, lead therapists, and other treatment team members.


As our knowledge and understanding of the mental health field continues to grow, the connections between mental, emotional, and physical health continue to reveal themselves as inextricably bound.  Teens with mental health conditions often have a number of physical symptoms and are also at higher risk of developing certain health problems, including things such as: headaches, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and/or inability to focus, as well as immune system related illnesses.  At the same time, teens with physical ailments can are much more likely to experience mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.  Beyond this, physical factors can greatly contribute to and/or aggravate symptoms of mental health and substance abuse conditions.  


As is evident, the physical and mental symptoms surrounding mental health conditions can be very complex.  Because of this, it’s unfortunate how many treatment providers design treatment only according to outward symptoms, and not toward a larger, holistic view of the whole person.  In these cases, teens are very vulnerable to being insufficiently and/or incorrectly treated, including prescribing medications for one condition that may actually exacerbate an unidentified underlying cause.  At Paradigm San Francisco, by designing treatment in this holistic manner, we’re able to identify all present symptoms and the relationships thereof.  This includes identifying any pertinent medical factors that should be addressed by a physician, who can coordinate care with the treatment team.  Providing treatment in this manner allows us to carefully coordinate all different aspects of teens’ care, in order to best address and support all of their mental, emotional, physical, and relational aspects of their well-being.
At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide the highest quality adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment, for teens ages 13-17.  When teens come to Paradigm San Francisco, we always begin with a thorough diagnostic interview process, which allows us to examine all different aspects of teens’ current health, and which includes the Medical Evaluation.