Teen Internet Addiction Treatment

Teen Internet Addiction TreatmentTeen Internet Addiction Description:

Teen Internet Addiction is a behavioral disorder, in which teens struggle with an obsession of using the internet that’s so severe that it negatively affects numerous areas of the teens’ lives, as well as their ability to function healthily.


Teen Internet Addiction Symptoms:

While we all understand that internet use has become a central part of most people’s lives, teens with Internet Addiction don’t just spend a lot of time on the internet. As with any addiction, it’s not just the behavior itself that defines the addiction, but the frequency and compulsion, such that it causes negative effects on the teens. Teens with Internet Addiction find it very difficult to think about, concentrate on, or spend time, away from the internet, even for short periods of time. They think about it and go on the internet so frequently that they eventually will put it before everything else, including family relationships, academic responsibilities, home duties, and even friendships. Even at the point where teens may see and feel the consequences of the addiction, they’re still unable to stop the behaviors.

There are a number of reasons Teen Internet Addiction may develop, and it’s important to note that it often develops as a Co-Occurring Disorder, such as when teens are already struggling with a mood disorder or other mental health illness. For instance, teens with Anxiety or Depression may seek relief from their symptoms by “escaping” into the internet, either in chat rooms, video games, or sometimes pornography. The internet may at first provide them with some relief or distraction from their symptoms but unfortunately over time, it will often only aggravate their underlying feelings. Furthermore, it’s very common for teens with Teen Internet Addiction to struggle with social relationships, and while again, the internet may provide a safe, anonymous haven for a time, the time ignoring the real world will often only make it even more difficult for teens to interact in relationships, once they return.

Teen Internet Addiction Treatment:

At Paradigm San Francisco, our treatment plans are designed to address both the behavioral and underlying emotional aspects of Teen Internet Addiction. Therefore, as therapists help teens to decrease and manage their internet use, they also work with them to address what sorts of other anxiety, stress, or emotional pain may be present, which has led to this obsessive behavior, to begin with. By helping teens to observe themselves and gain insight into their feelings and their behaviors, the goal of teen internet addiction treatment is for teens to address the addiction on the deepest level, so that they’re recovering not just from the outward behavior, but the root of the problem. This is what sets teens up to make meaningful, lasting changes that will benefit all aspects of their lives.


Paradigm San Francisco:

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide adolescent residential treatment for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse disorders, including Teen Internet Addiction Treatment. Paradigm San Francisco is located in the California Bay Area in a comfortable, house-like setting, where teens reside during treatment. All teens that come to us at Paradigm San Francisco will receive individual therapy sessions every day, in addition to numerous other therapeutic offerings.