Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy

Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoYoga is an ancient physical and mental practice, which combines aspects of meditation with physical movements.  Specifically in the therapeutic context, Yoga can be used as a therapeutic tool in order to help promote overall health, healing, recovery, and well-being.  At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re proud to offer Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy as one therapeutic within our holistic treatment plans.  

One of the great benefits of Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy is it works on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels at the same time, thereby promoting physical, mental, and overall well-being.  In the same way that we aim to provide treatment that addresses the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of teens’ current experiences, Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy not only helps to address all of these aspects of teens’ symptoms and struggles, but also can help them continue to navigate struggles in healthy, constructive ways, moving forward.  

Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy extends to include a number of different aspects of yoga practice, including things such as:

  • physical postures (or asana)
  • meditation
  • pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • mantra practice (repetition of positive affirmations and/or messages to self)
  • Yoga Nidra (also known as “yoga sleep.”)

One of the things we find teens really benefit from is that many of these aspects of the practice compliment and further the work teens are already learning and practicing, in other aspects of their treatment here.  For instance, Yoga Nidra could be considered a type of Mindfulness therapy and likewise can be a wonderful tool through which teens learn to regulate and lessen feelings of stress and anxiety.

Of course the most popular current practices of yoga is the physical postures, or asana.  These poses can provide a wonderful form of physical and mental exercise for teens, as they are designed to positively influence the body on numerous levels.  Not only do the poses promote things such as good circulation, lymph flow, muscle tone, and flexibility, but they also can be used to specifically target and calm the nervous system and brain.  In this regard, Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy can be extremely valuable in helping teens to gain direct relief from symptoms of the nervous system, including things like anxiety, chronic stress, panic attacks, inability to focus, and more.
At Paradigm San Francisco, we strive to provide treatment for teens that will address their most complete needs on the deepest level possible.  To this end, we want to provide teens with every possible opportunity to find ways into themselves, which will serve them in their journeys toward healing, recovery, and overall health and happiness.  We believe that our Teen Yoga Integrative Therapy program is extremely helpful for teens and continues to promote our larger therapeutic message, here at Paradigm San Francisco.