Teen Individualized Tutoring

Teen Individualized Tutoring | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we offer teen individualized tutoring during their time here.  The tutors we hire come to us from Stanford University as well as University of California Berkeley and are highly skilled tutors, experienced in working with adolescents, and available to help teens address any particular problem areas or subjects which they need extra help in.  Tutors are available to work with teens daily, in order to ensure teens have all the academic support they need, in order to succeed in their academic goals.

For the vast majority of teens that come to us at Paradigm San Francisco, substance abuse and/or mental health issues have negatively affected their academic standing, as well.  Symptoms such as stress, anxiety, inability to concentrate, and fatigue are common across numerous different conditions, and can make it nearly impossible for teens to stay current and successful with school work.  Furthermore, teens can often get caught in an unfortunate cause and effect cycle: symptoms create academic difficulty and academic difficulty causes more stress, which leads to aggravated symptoms.  In these cases, we work with teens to address all sides of the problem, and work with them to catch up and excel in schoolwork, while also equipping them with ways to more successfully cope with academic stress, in the future.

There are a number of reasons we provide teen individualized tutoring, in addition to our on-site classroom.  Regardless of why teens are struggling in school, it’s common that the more difficulty teens are having, the less likely they will be to ask questions and get help.  This is at least partly because it’s so common for teens to lose confidence and become insecure about their struggles, and fear that they’ll be judged by others.  When teens can work with individual tutors, they tend to feel much more open and free to ask questions openly and to express where they need help.  With the unique, safe context of working with a tutor, teens can forget things such as peer inhibition, pressure, or stress, and instead, focus on the academic work.  The result is that teens often make incredibly significant gains during these sessions, and also help teens to gradually regain their confidence with learning, as well as their academic standing and even their enjoyment of learning.

Another important aspect of our teen individualized tutoring program is it provides an opportunity for tutors to closely work with teens to discover what kinds of things serve as triggers and stressors to teens and what resources and tools help the teens, in the academic setting.  This kind of knowledge is incredibly useful, both for the teens as well as the treatment team.  With these insights, the treatment team can implement specific therapeutic measures in order to help teens address those issues, and at the same time, teens can consciously learn to navigate those challenges mindfully, in the future.  In this way, our teen individualized tutoring program is an excellent example of our overall holistic teen treatment plans and works to promote healing and growth, in all areas of teens’ lives.