Teen Individual Therapy

Teen Individual TherapyThe cornerstone of Paradigm San Francisco treatment plans is our daily teen individual therapy sessions. Each teen is assigned a lead therapist, with whom the teen will have daily individual therapy sessions, something that virtually no other adolescent treatment center in the country offers. All of our lead therapists are highly credentialed mental health professionals, who’ve built their careers working with young people. Our commitment to these teen individual therapy sessions lies in the fact that we believe there is simply no substitute for the unique, intentional, concentrated sessions teens have with their lead therapists. Building these daily sessions into the teens’ treatment plans not only helps teens to stay engaged and focused in treatment, but also allows the therapists to continue building and adjusting treatment, to continue meeting teens’ evolving needs and goals.

Part of the reason for daily teen individual therapy sessions is they provide the important opportunity for therapists to lead youth through the difficult mental and emotional work which is necessary in order to achieve meaningful, lasting change. Because each teen who comes to us at Paradigm San Francisco is unique, she or he is going to face different moments of fear, challenge, intimidation, breakthrough, and discouragement. While some aspects of this journey can and do take place in the group setting, other aspects of this work requires the individual setting, in which therapists can listen, advise, encourage, and challenge teens to continue forward.

This attitude and goal for therapy is especially true in treatment where teens are being pushed to address the deepest factors and needs present, rather than just outward symptoms. While we want to urge teens through this important work, we also want to set them up to succeed, by giving them the time, environment, and leadership they need. We find that in many instances, it’s simply more likely for teens to access those deeper discoveries, in individual sessions.

Our teen individual therapy sessions incorporate a number of different therapeutic techniques, but is generally categorized as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in which therapists lead teens through examining and processing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and the connections thereof. This methodology in treatment naturally lends itself to teens making observations and discoveries that give them insight into themselves in such a way that they will not just recover from symptoms, but grow as individuals as well.