Teen Hypnotherapy Treatment

Teen Hypnotherapy Treatment | Paradigm San FranciscoTeen Hypnotherapy Treatment is a therapeutic modality developed in the 70s, which serves to help teens access and address the unconscious mind.  While at first, Teen Hypnotherapy might sound like a radical New Age treatment, it’s actually grounded in the very common therapeutic focus of supporting teens to tap into their unconscious thoughts, and then make connections between these thoughts and outward behaviors and belief systems.  This focus in therapy is prominent in a number of highly regarded approaches, dating back to Freud’s psychoanalysis, among others.

The basic premise of Teen Hypnotherapy treatment is that we all have unconscious thoughts and feelings which we’re unaware of, but which nonetheless affect numerous areas of our lives, including our habits, behaviors, relationships, and identities.  Therefore, by helping teens to identify these underlying thoughts and feelings, therapists can help them to also make discoveries and insights into their current struggles.  While this strategy is often very effective, it can be difficult: often teens have natural defenses built up toward accessing these deeper thoughts and feel threatened by treading the unknown emotional terrain.  Teen Hypnotherapy was developed in order to help teens to access this unconscious mind, in order to help them make meaningful realizations and changes, within their treatment time.  

During Teen Hypnotherapy treatment, teens are brought into a state of hypnosis, which is similar to a dream-like state, in order to access these deeper thoughts and feelings.  In many ways, Teen Hypnotherapy sessions look similar to traditional talk therapy sessions, once teens are brought into hypnosis.  This dream-like state often makes it easier for teens to respond and engage this introspective process.  The therapist will lead the conversation, asking questions regarding teens’ current feelings, thoughts, struggles, behaviors, etc.  Throughout this conversation, the therapist will guide the conversation, especially with regard to helping teens uncovering beliefs or feelings which may have been previously unknown to them.  Many of the teens here at Paradigm San Francisco like the Teen Hypnotherapy sessions, as they help them to get further into themselves and make discoveries which are useful in their other therapy sessions.  
At Paradigm San Francisco, we offer Teen Hypnotherapy as one of our Alternative Therapy treatments.  Teen Hypnotherapy sessions are always used as one part of teens’ overall treatment plan, including individual and group therapy sessions, every day while in treatment.  In our commitment to design individualized, precise treatment plans that are tailored to teens’ specific needs, we offer a wider range of therapeutic modalities, including both traditional and progressive approaches.