Teen Group Therapy

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At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re dedicated to creating each treatment plan individually, according to assessment of all aspects of teens’ lives. In this sense, providing teen treatment can sometimes be like trying to put together a puzzle, combining the best classes, approaches, experiences, tools, and support that will allow teens to address certain struggles in the most effective ways possible. Admittedly, designing treatment in this manner is both the reason for our success and also the challenge of our process, which is always evolving. However, amidst the unique aspects of our teen treatment programs, two of the cornerstones are our individual and group therapy sessions. Our Teen Group Therapy sessions provide an excellent supplement to the work teens do in their individual therapy sessions.

Our extensive experience working with young people has shown us just how valuable Teen Group Therapy can be, especially when used as a supplement to daily individual therapy sessions. Adolescence is a time of life in which peers hold an incredible amount of power, and in this regard, creating a healthy, supportive peer community can be tremendously healing and positive for teens in treatment. In this way, we’re capturing the inherent power of peer support during this developmental time, as a way of strengthening and furthering teens’ efforts, and our therapists do a tremendous job of nurturing and facilitating this kind of positive peer community.

Another benefit of our Teen Group Therapy sessions also provide an opportunity for important healing regarding teens feeling seen, respected, and accepted by other peers. For the vast majority of young people that struggle with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions, isolation and feeling judged by other peers is a huge source of stress and shame in their lives. For many teens, it’s this fear that causes them to suffer in secrecy for far longer than they should, because they don’t believe they will still be accepted otherwise. Therefore, when teens are able to share honestly, to be in community with other teens, and to recognize that they are not alone, this can set the groundwork for important, deep healing to take place. Very often, not only will teens be motivated and inspired to try hard in their own treatment, but also will find courage and grace to support each other, as they feel united in their therapy goals.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Group Therapy

At Paradigm San Francisco, our Teen Group Therapy sessions include a wide range of modalities, including:

  • experiential
  • didactic
  • interpersonal process-oriented work

The groups are facilitated by one or more therapists, and are structured in order to uniquely address the needs of the group, and provide opportunities for them to process their specific struggles. At the same time, the therapists also use the group activities and processing to help teens share and address issues in an authentic, open way, in order to help teens regain comfort and confidence in peer interactions, as well as friendships. These Teen Group Therapy sessions often not only allow teens to process struggles in new ways, but also help teens to regain a sense of value in facing struggle together, finding ways to both give and receive support. This lesson is invaluable in helping heal teens from the isolation many of them have experienced.

The success of our Teen Group Therapy program is largely due to our highly skilled therapists, as well as our commitment to a small setting, where each teen holds an important role and place in the treatment home and in each therapy group. This is one of the reasons we’re so committed to a high staff-to-teen ratio and one of the things that sets Paradigm San Francisco far above the majority of teen treatment programs.