Teen Grief and Loss Treatment

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Teen Grief and Loss Description

Our Teen Grief and Loss Treatment programs are designed for teens who’ve experienced overwhelming grief which has made it difficult for teens to function healthily in their daily lives. Depending on the teen, this may include a number of different specific areas, including their relationships, academic standing, and other responsibilities. Often this kind of Teen Grief is associated with the teens having suffered the loss of a loved one or other kind of traumatic incident that prohibits the teens from being able to move on, in a healthy way.


Teen Grief and Loss Symptoms

As all of us learn at different times, grieving is one of the most challenging experiences in life and yet, a necessary aspect of healthy processing and healing. Very often, grieving temporarily disrupts many different aspects of people’s lives. However, in some cases, grieving can either become more extreme or prolonged than usual, and instead of teens moving through the process, they get stuck inside of it. If this occurs and teens don’t receive appropriate support, it can lead to negative long-term effects. Our Teen Grief and Loss Treatment programs are designed to help support teens unique experiences and needs, during this challenging time.

Grief following a traumatic event or the loss of a loved one can look very different, depending on the individual teen. Often, teens may have difficulty sleeping and experience a change in appetite. It’s also common for teens to have a persistent low mood which tends to overwhelm and hover over everything else, regardless of ups and downs of their experiences. Teens might also experience feeling indecisive and/or anxious about decisions; difficulty concentrating; depression; and anger. It’s also common during grief for teens to turn to substance abuse as a means of self-medicating, to escape their current experience.


Teen Grief and Loss Treatment

It’s worth noting that our Teen Grief and Loss Treatment programs are designed to support teens to engage their own grieving process as healthily and authentically as they can. However, this by no means implies we believe there is a “right way” to grieve or that teens should think and feel a certain way; in fact, it means nearly the opposite. During both individual and group therapy sessions, we aim to help support teens to tune into their own unique experiences: not only what they’re feeling and thinking but furthermore, things such as how this experience is affecting them, shaping their behaviors, and changing their beliefs.

In order to provide treatment that can uniquely support each teen’s experience, we design every plan individually, drawing from a number of different treatment approaches, modalities, and resources.


Paradigm San Francisco

Paradigm San Francisco is an elite adolescent treatment center, which specializes in highly individualized, precisely designed mental health and substance abuse treatment. At Paradigm San Francisco, our treatment team implements a number of different therapeutic approaches and resources, including the widest selection of Art Therapies of any treatment facility in the country. Our treatment offerings include things such as:

  • Equine Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Meditation Therapy

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