Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen General Anxiety Disorder Description

Teen General Anxiety Disorder is a type of Anxiety Disorder in which teens feel agitated and nervous consistently, even surrounding regular experiences and events that normally would not produce anxiety. The cause of the anxiety might be known, such as in cases where a difficult life event that triggered the onset of the symptoms; or the cause might be unknown, and might be difficult to tell when or why the onset of the symptoms occurred. Regardless of the cause of the anxiety, however, over time the anxiety can become so great that it makes it difficult for teens to function healthily in their everyday lives. It’s also common for anxiety to grow worse over time, which is why it’s so important for teens to get professional support as early as possible.


Teen General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Teen General Anxiety Disorder looks different for each teen. With that said, there are some common aspects of the condition that affect most teens, such as:

  • persistent worry
  • procrastination
  • insomnia
  • inability to relax
  • a sense of increased agitation
  • frequent mood swings
  • headaches
  • stomach aches

Because symptoms can be so distracting and even debilitating, it’s common for teens with General Anxiety Disorder to have a difficult time maintaining the responsibilities and relationships in their lives. This produces a sort of Catch-22 situation where teens’ anxiety produces stress in their lives, which in turn, perpetuates the anxiety.


Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment

It’s important to state that as difficult and overwhelming as Teen General Anxiety Disorder can seem, it’s very treatable and important to believe that it’s possible for teens to feel much better. Very often what can happen is that teens struggling with anxiety go much longer than they should without telling anyone what they’re experiencing, and begin to believe that this is the way they’re going to feel, indefinitely. One of the very first things we want to communicate to teens is that they don’t have to feel this way anymore and have reason to hope.

With that said, Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment looks different for each teen, but usually includes a combination of the following:

  • behavioral therapy
  • talk therapy
  • medication

In behavioral and talk therapy sessions, therapists will help teens to explore how they’re feeling, what they’ve been experiencing, and how those things have affected their behaviors and their lives. This will set the groundwork for helping teens to recognize changes they can make which will help them to feel better and also, navigate their anxiety in healthier ways. At the same time, therapists work with teens to explore the deeper underlying issues, triggers, and stressors that may be causing and/or aggravating their anxiety. By supporting teens to do this important, deeper work, we’re ensuring that teens are not just gaining relief from symptoms temporarily, but gaining the knowledge and awareness that will help them to recover long-term, and to grow and heal as people, overall.


Paradigm San Francisco

Paradigm San Francisco is a residential teen treatment center that provides treatment for an extensive array of mental health and substance abuse conditions, including teen general anxiety disorder treatment. We also specialize in the careful diagnosis of Co-Occurring Disorders. At Paradigm San Francisco, we pride ourselves in providing treatment that is uniquely designed according to the individual teen. This means that every treatment process at Paradigm San Francisco looks different and may include a number of different therapeutic resources, including daily individual therapy every day, peer and family therapy sessions, and multi-family group sessions.