Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment

Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco


At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide holistic treatment for Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder, which is a Behavioral Health Disorder. Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder is characterized by teens compulsively engaging in gambling behavior, to the point where it negatively affects their daily lives and healthy functioning. Some examples of the types of gambling teens might partake in include things such as: online gambling, lottery tickets, and/or betting on games or poker.


Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Symptoms

As with any behavioral disorder, it is not the behavior itself which is necessarily harmful, but rather the degree to which the behavior becomes compulsive, and thereby harmful to the teens’ lives. Generally speaking, teens with Teen Gambling Disorder become so preoccupied with gambling and/or thinking about gambling that they’re unable to function in their daily lives. For instance, it’s common for teens to incessantly talk about gambling and/or be preoccupied with making their plans of when and how to gamble, next. Teens might also brag about their gambling and also experience anxiety regarding past or upcoming gambling.

Because teens are so fixated on gambling, their academic studies and grades often drop; teens may be irresponsible with commitments or extracurricular activities; teens might become flaky with friends and withdraw, so they can gamble alone; and teens might become distant from parents and family members, from whom they want to hide their behaviors. At the same time, teens can get caught in a cycle of constantly wanting to gamble and yet, the gambling causing increasing amount of stress and anxiety in their lives. However, because the gambling is an addiction, even when teens realize the behavior is causing them harm, they will still be unable to change.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we design our Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder treatment plans from a holistic perspective, drawing upon both traditional and progressive therapeutic approaches. In designing teen gambling addiction disorder treatment, we pay special care to diagnosis of potential Co-Occurring Disorders, such as instances where teens might be struggling from Teen Anxiety, Teen Depression, or Teen Bipolar Disorder, in addition to Gambling Addiction.

During teen gambling addiction disorder treatment sessions, our therapists work with teens in both individual and group therapy sessions, to help teens address their addiction from both a behavioral and emotional standpoint. In this way, therapists work with teens to help them recognize present patterns, how their behaviors are connected to underlying emotional triggers or stressors, and how their behaviors have negatively affected other areas of their lives. Then, therapists work with teens to change and eliminate behaviors while processing the deeper introspective work, so that the changes teens make are not just in order to eliminate behaviors and symptoms, but to improve the overall health and well-being of all aspects of their lives.