Teen Expressive Arts Therapy

Teen Expressive Arts Therapy |  Paradigm MalibuAt Paradigm San Francisco, we’re proud to offer one of the most expansive selections of Teen Expressive Arts therapy programs of any teen treatment center in the country. In line with our holistic-minded treatment plans, we find Teen Expressive Arts therapy programs to be an excellent supplement to our more traditional therapy sessions.  The creative approaches within these programs helps teens to engage organically in meaningful therapeutic work.  

Some of the current Teen Expressive Arts Therapy programs we offer at Paradigm San Francisco include but are not limited to:

One of the significant benefits of Teen Expressive Arts Therapies is the creative approach and different activities in these sessions provide a certain distance to the introspective work that occurs within the sessions.  Because of this, teens might feel less defensive and/or more comfortable engaging in the process and are often able to access an awareness of thoughts and emotions that can sometimes be difficult for them to gain access to, in more traditional therapeutic sessions.  This can be especially true for teens that may struggle with expressing themselves in talk therapy and/or teens that have become treatment resistant, because of negative past experiences.  

Over time, teens can learn to use these different artistic sessions in order to further the work they’re doing in their individual and peer group therapy.  The specific Arts Therapy programs that teens will engage in depend partially on the teens’ interests and partly on the overall vision and assessments related to their larger treatment plans.

Another benefit to the Teen Expressive Arts Therapies is the holistic, interdisciplinary approach that characterizes them.  The Expressive Arts Therapy Association encourages a “multimodal approach” to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder treatment, in which teens gain the most thorough and powerful insight into themselves, when encouraged to “flow” throughout a number of different experiences and approaches.  This attitude toward adolescent treatment is very much in line with our Paradigm San Francisco treatment approach, in which we strive to create each individual treatment plan as a unique, individualized, and precise plan of care.

Overall, our Teen Expressive Arts Therapies provide are one of the excellent therapeutic programs we’ve designed, in order to ensure that each day of a teen’s treatment plan is dynamic, creative, and provides the greatest number of opportunities possible in order for teens to have meaningful experiences.  We find that not only do teens very much enjoy these less traditional therapy times but also find them to be powerful and encouraging, in contributing to their overreaching treatment goals.