Insight Oriented Therapy

social-anxiety-pageTeen Insight Oriented Therapy is a therapy that incorporates teens gaining insight into themselves, in order to gain the opportunity for meaningful mental and emotional healing.  This insight includes an array of things, including but not limited to teens’ fears, desires, feelings, thoughts, and belief systems.  Teen Insight Oriented Therapy is related to Freud’s therapy of psychoanalysis, which was one of the very first forms of therapy and is the foundation for numerous forms of therapy today.

In Freud’s psychoanalysis, as in Teen Insight Oriented Therapy, there’s an emphasis between teens’ current psychiatric symptoms and behaviors with previous childhood experiences.  The premise is that if there are unresolved conflicts or issues, these experiences will continue to affect people, into their adolescence and adulthood.  These struggles, issues, and/or stressors may not be consciously on teens’ minds, but will nonetheless have the power to manifest in outward behaviors and feelings.  The premise then, of Teen Insight Oriented Therapy, is that teens must work to identify and understand what these underlying factors are, in order to be able to experience complete, lasting healing.

Our Teen Insight Oriented Therapy sessions are essentially a form of  talk-therapy, in which the conversation is largely determined by the teens speaking about whatever comes to mind.  Depending on the particular teen and the session, the therapist may choose to guide the conversation more or less.  In some sessions, therapists might simply ask certain questions and/or offer thoughts, as well as making note of particular feelings, thoughts, and/or beliefs that are surfacing, which the teens may or may not be aware of.  In other sessions, where there’s a particular issue a teen is working on (such as an instance of trauma or loss) therapists will help to keep the conversation more directed, in order to help teens make connections to the focus of the session.
At Paradigm San Francisco, we believe the success of our Teen Insight Oriented Therapy program is a direct result of our therapists being highly skilled in crafting these sessions, and helping lead teens toward meaningful discoveries and conclusions.  This is key to teens progress in their overall treatment plans, as teens must discover these buried matters themselves, in order for the effects to be most poignant.  Our lead therapists are extremely skilled in being patient, consistent, insightful, and sensitive, in walking with teens through this unknown territory, and providing teens with the support they need to face past experiences.  It’s worth noting that this kind of introspection into the past can be intimidating, as teens don’t know what they’ll find.  However, with the help of our therapists, we continue to see teens make powerful progress on their healing journeys, during our Teen Insight Oriented therapy sessions.