Teen Drama Therapy

Teen Drama Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we offer an array of Expressive Arts therapies, including our Teen Drama Therapy program.  Teen Drama Therapy is a creative modality in which teens work within imagined scenarios, storytelling, and role playing activities, in order to creatively express and discover to their current thoughts and feelings.  Teen Drama Therapy provides a creative, unique way for teens to organically access certain aspects of their experiences that might be somewhat unconscious or hidden.  These insights and discoveries can then be addressed and reflected upon, with the direction of the Art Therapist.  Our Teen Drama Therapy sessions are used in combination with numerous other progressive and traditional techniques, including our individual and group talk therapy sessions.


During Teen Drama Therapy sessions, therapists create specific narratives that are then guided and directed by the teens, in real time.  The sessions might include a number of different styles, including narratives, dramatic contexts, myths, improvisation, and/or stories.  As teens talk through and role play certain “pretend” storylines, they’re able to recreate, examine, and reflect upon different aspects of their lives, especially regarding their relationship dynamics and communication styles.  In this way, teens are able to discover and explore certain thoughts and feelings related to relationships and/or conflicts in their lives.

One of the great aspects of Teen Drama therapy is because teens are engaging in “pretend” scenarios, with relationships, dynamics, and conversations that aren’t real, they don’t feel any judgments or pressure about outcomes.  Because of this, teens naturally feel free and unafraid to explore and express deep emotional thoughts and feelings, struggles and stressors, in a very open way.  Therefore, in this safe space of play, teens are able to make meaningful insights and discoveries, which are valuable for them to address further, within their other therapeutic sessions.

As the teens lead the sessions, the therapist plays a role of therapeutic and creative guide, allowing the teens to explore and wander, while also helping to direct the work, so that it can be therapeutically valuable.  To this end, our Teen Drama therapists are highly skilled, credentialed therapists that are uniquely talented in balancing the therapeutic with the creative, the organic with the form, in order to ensure that the Teen Drama therapy sessions are as meaningful as possible for teens.
Our Teen Drama Therapy sessions are often greatly enjoyed and valuable for teens struggling with a number of different mental health and substance abuse disorders, including but not limited to: Teen Anxiety, Teen Depression, Teen Trauma, Teen PTSD, Teen Eating Disorders, Teen Self-Harm Disorders, and more.  Throughout the Teen Drama Therapy process, teens often make measurable steps forward with regard to uncovering deeply buried thought patterns, belief systems, recognizing problems, expressing feelings, setting new goals, and learning to find their voices.