Teen Depression Treatment

Teen Depression Treatment | Paradigm San FranciscoTeen Depression Description

Teen depression is a mental health condition, classified as a Mood Disorder. Depression is characterized by a prolonged, overwhelming sense of sadness that doesn’t relate to, or change, based on circumstances. While teens struggling with depression may still experience some variance of less or more intense sadness, the low, persistent mood continues to overwhelm the vast majority of the teen’s experience. This long-lasting sadness can become discouraging, causing teens to withdraw from others and feel apathetic or hopeless toward their lives and sometimes leading to thoughts of self-harm and/or suicide. When considering teen depression treatment options, it’s important to recognize that depression is a brain disorder and often connected to chemical imbalance, and therefore, not simply a matter of teens getting out of a bad mood or changing their attitudes.


Teen Depression Symptoms

The most over-reaching symptom of teen depression is the extreme sadness that affects and taints virtually every aspect of teens’ lives. This overwhelming nature of the sadness is part of what makes it such a struggle, as even activities and events teens once enjoyed become tainted by the relentless cloud. Over time, this lack of enjoyment can lead to apathy, as it becomes more and more challenging for teens to care about or put effort forth in things, considering they feel negatively about it, regardless. This can also lead to teens feeling hopeless about things ever feeling better or changing, which is one of the most significant struggles for teens with depression.

Understandably, this intense sadness has effects on multiple aspects of the teens’ lives. Some of the other symptoms teens with depression may experience include but are not limited to:

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • change in weight
  • change in appetite
  • insomnia
  • feelings of guilt
  • feelings of rejection
  • irritability


Teen Depression Treatment

As overwhelming, scary, and challenging as teen depression can be, the hopeful news is we have more knowledge on understanding and treating it than ever before. Therefore, while what teens are feeling may make them feel totally alone and foreign, there are actually many people who have questioned, struggled, and fought with the very same feelings. Although it can be intimidating to see just how many teens struggle with depression, it also means you’re not alone and furthermore, there is hope. Sometimes the most difficult step is as simple and terrifying as admitting what you’re feeling and asking for help. We believe this is one of the most brave, powerful actions any person can take and the first step toward recovering and rebuilding a healthy, happy life.

Our teen depression treatment programs include a number of different kinds of sessions and strategies, including individual and group psychotherapy sessions and in some cases, medication. In psychotherapy sessions, therapists work with teens to explore things such as thought patterns, “triggers” which lead to a cascade of sad feelings, environmental factors and stressors, and underlying historical or traumatic factors. Therapists also teach teens tools and strategies for dealing with feelings and thoughts as they arise, so that teens can begin to gain an awareness- and eventually, insight to- what they’re feeling. This is a key step in teens gradually beginning to change thought patterns and belief systems that are related to their depression.


Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we specialize in designing highly precise treatment plans for teens struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders, including teen depression treatment. Paradigm San Francisco is located in a comfortable, house-like setting, with a small population of only 10 teens at one time, which allows for teens to have significant daily time in therapeutic sessions, including individual therapy sessions, every day while in treatment.