Teen Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment

Teen Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide holistic residential treatment for teen dependent personality disorder, which is a mental health condition in which teens’ extreme dependence upon other people causes negative effects in their lives. This reliance upon others is so overwhelming that it causes teens to behave with poor judgment and/or extreme passivity, which can be disruptive and harmful to them and others.


Teen Dependent Personality Disorder Symptoms

There are four different subtypes of teen dependent personality disorder, including:

  • Immature Dependent
  • Ineffectual Dependent
  • Accommodating Dependent
  • Selfless Dependent

While each of these subtypes has unique symptoms, there are also some most symptom common to all teens with Teen Dependent Personality Disorder, which are generally centered around teens’ reliance on others for their purpose, confidence, and overall purpose and ability to function. Whereas it’s healthy and natural for teens to rely on other friends or family members for support, these teens become stuck and are unable to function, without the help and leadership of others. Over time, this can cause understandable difficulty in teens’ daily lives, responsibilities, and relationships.

Some of the symptoms teens with teen dependent personality disorder often present include:

  • inability to make choices or decisions for themselves
  • constant anxiety about what others think
  • constant fear of judgment
  • inability to receive criticism
  • unwillingness to share opinions
  • strong avoidance of spending time alone
  • strong tendency to always be in a romantic relationship
  • symptoms of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and in some cases, suicidal tendencies


Paradigm San Francisco Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, every teen dependent personality disorder treatment plan is designed according to the individual teen’s unique needs, challenges, and goals. With this said, we approach teen dependent personality disorder treatment from a holistic standpoint, aiming to address all aspects of teens’ lives and any areas where they might need support. This includes individual and group therapy sessions, as well as an array of supplemental support services that address teens’ mental, emotional, physical, and relational well-being.

The cornerstone of Paradigm San Francisco treatment is our daily individual therapy sessions, in which therapists support teens to uncover and examine the deeper underlying reasons for their extreme dependence upon others. This may include old false belief systems, habitual thought patterns, experiences of trauma, and/or current life stressors. The goal throughout the teen dependent personality disorder treatment process is to help teens to gain valuable insights into themselves and their behaviors; to help teens to rebuild a healthy, positive sense of self; to examine and change problematic behaviors, and to implement new, healthy behaviors that will help teens to be more successful in their lives.