Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment

Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Conversion Disorder Description

Teen conversion disorder is a mental health disorder characterized as an anxiety disorder. Teen conversion disorder is characterized by teens experiencing a psychological trigger (such as a traumatic experience) which in turn, causes physical symptoms. It’s also important to recognize that teen conversion disorder can be present as a co-occurring Disorder, such as another mood disorder and/or substance abuse condition.


Teen Conversion Disorder Symptoms

One of the things that sets Teen Conversion Disorder apart from other anxiety disorder is that in some ways, the symptoms seem less connected to the original traumatic cause. Because of this, they can sometimes be difficult to identify, except in that they will have no other present diagnosable cause. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to teens experiencing symptoms for a considerable amount of time before getting accurately diagnosed.

With this said, the symptoms of Teen Conversion Disorder can vary greatly, but commonly include one or several of the following:

  • poor body coordination and balance
  • impaired speech
  • disturbance of senses, including touch, sight, and hearing
  • urinary issues
  • hallucinations
  • fainting
  • overall body weakness
  • tremors


Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment

The first step for effective Teen Conversion Disorder treatment and diagnosis involves a physician ruling out any other organic causes for the physical symptoms teens are struggling with. After diagnosis, treatment for conversion disorder will largely be designed around the traumatic incident that the teens experienced. In a sense, the physical symptoms have likely arisen out of the trauma being pushed away and avoided, but never fully addressed. In talk therapy sessions, therapists will build a safe, open, supportive environment in which teens feel ready and willing to express their experience honestly. In this process, therapists will help teens to uncover and explore what they experienced, and what thoughts and feelings have developed since the event. By helping teens to feel supported as they work to address the trauma, the physical symptoms will begin to diminish and eventually subside, altogether.


Paradigm San Francisco

Paradigm San Francisco is a leading adolescent treatment center, located in the Bay Area of California. At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide Teen Conversion Disorder treatment, as well as treatment for a number of other mental health and substance abuse conditions. In our treatment for Teen Conversion Disorder at Paradigm San Francisco, we create every treatment plan individually, by drawing upon a number of different approaches and strategies that best fit the individual teen. In this way, we’re able to create holistic, effective treatment that thoroughly addresses each aspect of the teens as individuals.