Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, we offer Teen Cocaine Abuse treatment. Cocaine is an illegal stimulant substance that’s highly addictive, and causes a high characterized by extreme increase in energy, talkativeness, and feelings of happiness. Cocaine also stimulates the physical systems of the body, resulting in symptoms such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well. Cocaine is so addictive that teens can become addicted after even one use.

One of the things that makes teen cocaine abuse so dangerous is the drug produces a very short-lived, intense high. Because of this, teens will often take it in quick succession, to make the high last longer. This in turn causes the teens to build a tolerance to the substance, which requires them to take increasing amounts, in order to attain the same high effect. This in turn can cause teens to take more than they intended and/or to take an amount that has unintended affects, which can lead to addiction and/or overdose.


Teen Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

Teen cocaine addiction is a dangerous disease in which teens’ brains become physically dependent upon the drug, which causes teens to need the substance in order to function. This causes teens to be at great risk, as they will go to extreme lengths to get high, even if they understand they are risking their own safety and/or the safety of others. Understandably, this reliance upon using cocaine causes tremendous negative effects in teens’ lives, including their relationships with others and the responsibilities, which all will become secondary to using.

Moreover, continued use of cocaine over time is very dangerous for teen brain activity, as the cocaine directly affects the brain’s neurotransmitter system, causing the brain to dump too much dopamine (which signals happiness.) While this dumping is what creates the “high,” it also affects numerous systems of the body, including:

  • heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • body temperature

This is why the most common way teens overdose on cocaine is from cardiac arrest.


Paradigm San Francisco Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment

For teens suffering from Teen Cocaine Abuse, it’s important for them to get treatment as early as possible. At Paradigm San Francisco, we begin Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment by ensuring teens’ safe withdrawal from the substance. This process is overseen by teens’ lead therapists and our team of physical and mental health professionals. Once teens have safely detoxed from the substance, our therapists work with them during teen cocaine abuse treatment to address all different aspects of their addiction, including physical, mental, emotional, and relational factors. While the primary goal of treatment is to support teens to achieve and maintain sobriety from cocaine, we also want to support them to process the deeper issues which led to use in the first place. This includes helping teens to evaluate what kinds of stressors and challenges are present; what thought patterns and belief systems have developed; and ways to decrease stress in their lives. By helping teens to address their own overall well-being in health in this holistic manner, we support them to not just become free from their cocaine addiction, but become prepared and able to sustain their sobriety and to lead happy, healthy lives.