Teen Cinema Therapy

Teen Cinema Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoMovies are a powerful art form and have an incredible capacity to move, to motivate, to cause us to reflect, to feel, and to think.  Teen Cinema Therapy is a therapeutic modality that incorporates this intrinsic power of film to help teens engage in mental health and/or substance abuse therapy.  Teen Cinema Therapy is offered at Paradigm San Francisco as one of our Expressive Arts Therapy programs.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we understand that when it comes to treatment, every teen is different.  What will work for one teen won’t for another and what some teens find helpful, other find un-useful.  This is why we’re committed to designing each treatment plan individually, so that we can incorporate strategies and tools that are specifically tailored to each teen’s unique needs.  

Along these lines, one of the wonderful aspects of Teen Cinema Therapy is for many teens, it helps them to open up, engage, and reflect in new, fresh ways, as related to their treatment process.  This can be especially true for teens that have become somewhat treatment resistant, because of multiple negative or unsuccessful attempts at therapy in the past.  We understand that continuing to do the hard necessary work to heal and recover can be difficult and sometimes, teens and families get discouraged along the way.  We believe that Teen Cinema Therapy, as well as our other Teen Expressive Therapy programs, provide a great opportunity for these teens to find new ways to authentically engage in their treatment process, and make successful steps forward accordingly.

Generally speaking, Teen Cinema Therapy is based on the premise that stories have poignant power to affect us and film is a wonderful storytelling mechanism.  During Teen Cinema Therapy, teens will watch films with the therapist and will discuss and analyze particular aspects of the film, as led by the therapist.  The specific film, discussion, and questions the therapists will bring up will depend upon the particular needs and goals of the teens.  By coordinating with teens’ lead therapists, the Teen Cinema therapist will facilitate sessions that work to help teens gain courage, face struggles, learn from allegories, identify with struggle, see themselves, gain compassion, and be inspired.  By using films as a medium to help teens connect with themselves, our Teen Cinema Therapists facilitate meaningful therapeutic time that proves extremely valuable toward teens’ larger treatment goals.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we offer Teen Cinema Therapy, as one aspect of our mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, alongside a number of other treatment offerings, including individual therapy sessions, every day while in treatment.  Our Teen Cinema Therapy program has proven to be a meaningful, enjoyable time for teens here, as they make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives.