Teen Bulimia Treatment

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Teen Bulimia Description

Teen Bulimia is an eating disorder, characterized by teens having an obsession with controlling their appearance, which leads them to regularly purging their food, in order to lower and/or maintain their body weight. It’s common for teens to binge-eat excessive amounts of food and then purge. Teens with Bulimia might also fast and/or exercise excessively.


Teen Bulimia Symptoms

Teens with Bulimia have an extreme obsession with controlling their body weight, which causes them to go to extreme lengths, in an effort to lose weight. Similar to teens with Anorexia, it’s common for teens with Bulimia to have a low sense of self-worth, which is mirrored in their judgmental, harmful behaviors toward their own bodies. These behaviors can cause serious health effects, including:

Teens with Bulimia often have a distorted image of themselves, physically and otherwise, which causes them to see themselves as heavier than they actually are. The behavioral cycle of Bulimia typically includes binge eating, purging the food, and then experiencing feelings of guilt and shame for their behaviors, which often leads them to eating and beginning the cycle again. There are a number of different ways teens might purge their food, including:

  • vomiting
  • laxatives
  • enemas
  • and/or other drugs

It’s also common for teens to feel ashamed about their behaviors, which causes them to be secretive, including withdrawing from others, eating in secret, and/or lying about their behaviors and attitudes toward themselves. Beyond just the health dangers of this condition, teens with Bulimia can also suffer significant mental and emotional effects, from the harsh, judgmental attitudes they hold toward themselves, which are exemplified in these harmful actions.


Teen Bulimia Treatment

In our Teen Bulimia Treatment programs at Paradigm San Francisco, we work to support and address teens, in all areas of their lives. Our first steps include ensuring the teens’ physical safety, including discontinuing the harmful purging behaviors. We often will have our nutritionist assist in working with teens to begin more healthy eating habits, which may understandably be a process. Throughout these steps, our therapists work with teens to help them draw connections between their current behaviors and the deeper, underlying emotional and/or mental struggles, which are present. For instance, it’s common for Teen Bulimia to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, such as a Mood Disorder and/or a Self-Harm Disorder. During our individual and group therapy sessions, our therapists work with teens to help them recognize and identify meaningful connections between their thought patterns, beliefs about themselves, and their behaviors. By teens processing what they’re experiencing in an open, supportive environment, they’re able to gain relief from their current stress and shame, as well as insight and empowerment as to how to make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives. In this sense, our Teen Bulimia Treatment programs are designed to go beyond the eating disorder behaviors, in order to help teens to heal and grow, in every way.


Paradigm San Francisco

Paradigm San Francisco is a residential teen treatment facility, dedicated to providing the highest quality care for teens struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders. At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide treatment for teens struggling with all eating disorders, including Teen Bulimia Treatment. During their time with us at Paradigm San Francisco, teens will participate in a wide array of therapeutic sessions and activities, including individual, family group, and peer group therapy sessions.