Teen Biblio Therapy

Teen Biblio Therapy | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we offer Teen Biblio Therapy, which is a therapeutic strategy based around the facilitated interaction between teens and literature.  Our Teen Biblio Therapy program is part of our Expressive Arts Therapies and all sessions are led by professional Biblio Therapists.

Biblio Therapy has been shown to be an extremely useful and effective form of therapy, especially for teens that already have an active practice and enjoyment of reading.  Teen Biblio Therapy can be especially helpful in allowing teens to make new discoveries and insights into deeper thoughts and feelings which though unconscious to the teens, may nonetheless be having significant effects in the teens’ lives.  Our Teen Biblio therapists work in conjunction with the teens’ lead therapists, so that these discoveries and insights can then be incorporated into the teens’ larger treatment goals.

The way Teen Biblio Therapy works is the therapists will guide the teens to reflect upon a specific literature.  Therapists might have teens evaluate any number of aspects of the of the work, including characters’ personalities, their interactions, their thoughts and feelings.  The therapeutic insights come about as teens organically make discoveries and insights about the characters, which the therapists will then help teens to connect to their own lives.  Therefore, the premise of Teen Biblio Therapy is to use therapeutic applications to the natural reflective process that occurs while reading.

One of the wonderful aspects of Teen Biblio Therapy is that very often, books provide a safe haven for teens to escape into, to think, to experience, and to feel, without being judged.  In the same way that readers can learn lessons by watching characters go through trials and different journeys, therapists can help teens to reflect deeply on the characters and the story, to make discoveries that are applicable to their own lives.  Teens often feel more free and less inhibited to do this reflection in this way, because of the natural distance between themselves and the characters.  Therefore, this kind of process can be very useful for teens that might be struggling to access certain thoughts or feeling surrounding a particular aspect of their mental health or substance abuse treatment.  

The particular insights which Biblio Therapy provides depends on the teens’ unique situations and experiences.  However, the wonderful thing is that literature can provide a therapeutic environment that has a wide range of benefits, depending on the particular text.  Teen Biblio Therapy seizes on the wonderful capacity of how literature can affect us and how we can connect with characters, to open teens up to numerous therapeutic benefits.  Just a few of the ways in which Teen Biblio Therapy benefits teens includes but isn’t limited to: reducing anxiety and stress, processing trauma, expressing particular aspects of pain and/or stress, recognizing behaviors, building confidence, and motivating positive change in teens.
At Paradigm San Francisco we offer Teen Biblio Therapy to any teens that are interested.  Teen Biblio Therpay is a proven therapeutic modality, useful for treating a number of different conditions, including Teen Anxiety, Teen Depression, Teen PTSD, Teen Bipolar Disorder, and more.  Our Teen Biblio Therapy sessions are offered in conjunction with numerous other forms of therapy and support, including individdual therapy sessions, every day while in treatment.