Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment

Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Description:

Teen Attention Deficit Disorder is a brain disorder, characterized by persistent hyperactivity, as well as difficulty regulating behaviors and/or maintaining concentration. Teen ADD symptoms result from slow brain development and therefore are most common among children, though it can also persist in people into adolescence, and sometimes, adulthood. It’s worth noting that Teen ADD is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed disorders. Teen Attention Deficit Disorder is one of three types of ADHD.


Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms:

The most central symptom of Teen Attention Deficit Disorder is the hyperactivity and inability to concentrate, which is often so severe that it disrupts teens’ ability to function healthily, in multiple areas of their lives. While some amount of hyper energy may occasionally be present in just about all adolescents, the distinguishing factor in teens with ADD is the effects which it has on their lives, as well as the teens’ inability to control or correct it. Because this hyper energy and difficulty concentrating is due to the brain developments associated with the illness, this condition understandably can disrupt teens’ ability to succeed in numerous contexts.

For instance, it’s common for teens with ADD to struggle academically, even if they are very bright students, because they’re unable to perform basic academic tasks, such as focusing and listening, take notes, remaining quiet and attentive in class, and staying organized. Similar disruptions can extend to family and social contexts as well, in that teens struggle to conduct themselves appropriately and maintain self-control.

Because one of our focuses at Paradigm San Francisco is careful consideration and diagnosis of Co-Occurring Disorders, it’s worth noting that Teen ADD is very commonly present with a Co-Occurring Disorder, such as a mood disorder or substance abuse issue. Along these lines, it’s very important for teens to be properly and thoroughly diagnosed for all present issues, so that teens’ behaviors aren’t simply written off as behavioral.


Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment:

Our Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment programs at Paradigm San Francisco begin with a thorough diagnostic interview, which our treatment team will then use to design in an individual treatment plan, based on the teen’s specific needs. Depending on the individual teen, treatment might include a combination of cognitive and behavioral strategies, as well as medication.

In talk therapy sessions, therapists will work with teens to help them identify both what they’re experiencing and what their current problematic behaviors are. It’s important to help teens process what they’re thinking and feeling, as teens with ADD can often suffer increasing feelings of discouragement and low self-worth, because of their inability to control themselves. At the same time, therapists can help teens to identify and practice practical solutions, in order to help them gain insight into potential ways to learn to correct or restrain their behaviors. And lastly, our treatment team will often implement other academic and relational support, which will help teens to make those positive changes. For instance, teens might work with an individual tutor or classroom teacher, as they catch up on work and practice new strategies of learning, in the classroom.


Paradigm San Francisco:

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide residential teen attention deficit disorder treatment, as well as a wide range of other mental health and substance abuse disorders. At Paradigm San Francisco, we are proud to offer one of the most thorough and holistic treatment centers in the nation which offers teens individual therapy sessions every day while in treatment, in addition to numerous other therapeutic programs and sessions.