Teen Athletes Treatment Program

Teen Athletes Treatment Program | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, our Teen Athletes Treatment program is specifically designed to address the unique needs of teens that are athletes and are in treatment with us for teen mental health and/or teen addition issues. We understand that when teens are in treatment for mental health and/or substance abuse disorders, their responsibilities are still present. Especially for teens that are competing at a high level and/or who may be seeking scholarship or university opportunities in the future, we respect this important aspect of their lives and want to support it, throughout the entirety of the treatment process. To this end, our Teen Athletes Treatment program helps teens to maintain or begin a training regimen, during their time here. Our Teen Athletes Treatment Program leadership is made up of a highly skilled team of athletes, trainers, nutritionists, and coaches that work with teens. We also have an impressive advisory board, made up of champions and accomplished athletes, who serve as mentors to teens.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re committed to incorporating teens’ interests and strengths into their treatment design. To this end, we value the important role that sports can play in teens’ lives. Sports can teach discipline, instill confidence, improve physical health, and be an overall uplifting experience; however, when teens are wrestling with a mental health or substance abuse condition, teens will not be able to perform at their best and furthermore, the sports will not hold the enjoyment and benefits they once did.

In these instances, the treatment process is an incredibly opportunity to integrate teens’ athletic practices in skills into their greater work towards recovery, healing, and rebuilding a healthier lifestyle. When incorporated in this holistic way, teens not only can benefit in their treatment goals from incorporating these athletic aspects, but can actually leave treatment as stronger, better athletes as well. Because our lead therapists work in conjunction with all other team members, therapists, coaches, and trainers, they are able to coordinate teens’ care in a way that teens’ time and efforts during treatment is most beneficial.

Some of the specific aspects of our Teen Athletes Treatment program include: individual sessions with a Sports Psychologist; collaboration with recruiters and coaches; performance enhancement drug education; educational support programs; mentoring and guidance by professional and Olympic athletes; family support services; daily individual therapy; daily group therapy; FLOW for Performance Enhancement; available practice time and facilities; pain and medication management and education; personal training sessions; and sport specific nutrition planning.