Teen Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Teen Anxiety Disorder Treatment | Paradigm San Francisco

Teen Anxiety Disorder Description:

Teen anxiety is categorized as a mood disorder and is one of the most common mental health conditions in young people. Teen anxiety is characterized by teens suffering from a persistent sense of worry, nervousness, and fear, which continues, independent of what teens are actually experiencing in their lives. Whereas everyone experiences nervousness and anxiety at different times, especially with relation to difficult triggering circumstances, teens with Anxiety Disorder suffer from anxiety that overwhelms their thoughts and feelings, often despite “logical” cause and effect relationships.


Teen Anxiety Disorder Symptoms:

The symptoms of teen anxiety disorder can extend to affect multiple aspects of the teens’ lives, including their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. While anxiety disorder can often look different according to the individual teen, there are some symptoms that are commonly present, including: fatigue, apathy, chest pain and/or panic attacks, headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, agitation, nightmares, and difficulty concentrating.

Teen anxiety disorders can often become more severe and encompassing over time, as the anxiety tends to beget more anxiety. This is one reason why it’s very important for teens to seek professional help and treatment as early as possible, following the onset of symptoms.

There are a number of sub-categories of Anxiety Disorder, which are characterized according to symptoms and tendencies. These sub-categories include:


Teen Anxiety Disorder Treatment:

Teen anxiety disorder treatment often involves a number of different techniques and modalities, including talk therapy and in some cases, medication. Although therapists and psychiatrists will always assess need for medication on a case-by-case basis, it can often provide teens with an initial “boost” of relief, which will help to ease symptoms enough that they’re better able to meaningfully engage in treatment. In these instances, teens might either take medication for a given period of time, or indefinitely, as their symptoms alleviate.

In working with teens with anxiety disorder, our talk therapy sessions are instrumental in helping teens to gain insight and perspective on what sort of thought patterns lead and “spiral” to their feelings of anxiety. For instance, in instances where teens suffer from panic attacks, helping teens to evaluate what circumstances lead to this sense of panic can be extremely useful in gradually helping them to defends themselves, and eventually recover from, these attacks completely. Our therapists work with teens in this way, to help them to go beyond the outer symptoms, into the underlying stressors and emotional factors, which have created and/or aggravated this sense of anxiety. At the same time, we also work to help equip teens with knowledge, tools, and practices that will allow them to reduce their stress and be equipped against triggers, so that they become empowered to make powerful, lasting changes in their lives.


Paradigm San Francisco:

Paradigm San Francisco is an adolescent treatment center, which provides holistic, intensive teen anxiety disorder treatment as well as treatment for teen suffering from substance abuse and/or mental health conditions. Drawing from a number of different approaches and therapeutic resources, our therapists design treatment that align with teens’ unique goals, strengths, needs, symptoms, and interests. Furthermore, Paradigm San Francisco treatment seeks to address all aspect of the teens, including their minds, bodies, spirits, and relationships. We believe that by providing this kind of treatment, teens are not just gaining relief from symptoms, but healing in all areas of their lives.