Teen Addiction Treatment

Teen Addiction Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we provide holistic adolescent drug abuse and teen addiction treatment, which draws upon a number of traditional and progressive methods, including but not limited to the 12-Step Program. We also incorporate both individual and group therapy sessions, including a wide selection of Expressive Arts Therapies. All of our teen addiction treatment plans are carefully designed according to the individual teen, and her or his interests, strengths, and goals, as well as symptoms and struggles. In addition to supporting teens to gain sobriety and long-lasting recovery, we aim to support teens in all areas of their lives, in order to promote overall health and wellness.


Individualized Teen Addiction Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we don’t believe in symptoms determining treatment. Because of this, every teen treatment plan looks different, as it’s tailored to meet the teen’s unique needs. With that said, there are certain therapeutic elements that are common in most teen addiction treatment plans.

One of the integral aspects of Paradigm San Francisco addiction treatment is all teens receive individual therapy sessions, every day while in treatment. During these sessions, therapists work with teens to help them address the many different aspects of their addiction, including their current habits, triggers, and behaviors. At the same time, therapists work with teens to help them uncover and identify what sorts of underlying emotional and mental stressors and/or pain might be present, which has contributed to or aggravated the addiction in the first place. This is extremely important to ensure that the real source of the teens drug abuse is actually addressed, and therefore, the teens are healing and recovering at the deepest, most causal level.

Moreover, within this deeper introspective work, therapists are also helping teens to gain insight into themselves as people, not just with relation to their addiction but things such as their underlying feelings, thought patterns, and/or belief systems they have. This will help teens to draw meaningful connections between their addiction and other areas of their lives, which will set the foundation for them to identify and make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives. These changes may include a number of different things, big and small, including things like learning health ways to deal with stress; changing study habits; practicing new ways of communicating; learning meditation and/or yoga; eating more healthily; implementing regular exercise into their lives; and creating new peer groups.

As evidenced, our teen addiction treatment programs are extensive and touch on all different areas of teens’ lives, beyond just the behaviors of addiction. We believe this is fundamental to our success in leading teens to sobriety and lasting recovery, as well as supporting them to live their best and happiest lives.

Parent Support

At Paradigm San Francisco, we believe that teen treatment and support requires family treatment and support. To this end, we’ve designed a wide selection of parent and family support services, in order to meet the needs of parents, throughout their teens’ treatment time. Our services include parent group sessions, regular family group sessions, our multi-family group sessions, Parent Effectiveness training, and more. In a word, the services we provide are designed to help parents process and feel supported both through the treatment process, and in the time to follow, once teens return home. In our family therapy sessions, therapists create a safe, open environment, in which all family members feel comfortable to speak honestly and be heard. While this may sound simple, the effects are powerful, and over time, practicing new communication techniques can profoundly alter family relationships and dynamics. Even in circumstances where there is incredible hurt, frustration, and fatigue, it’s very possible for positive changes to occur. In working with young people, we continue to be amazed every day by the healing, growth, and forgiveness that can take place in families that is truly life-changing.