Teen Action Oriented Therapy

Action-Oriented-TherapyAt Paradigm San Francisco, we incorporate a number of therapeutic approaches into our sessions.  One of these is our Teen Action Oriented Therapy, which is categorized as a goal-oriented form of treatment and is related to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Teen Action Oriented Therapy is more focused on identifying practical solutions that will address conflicts and symptoms that are related to teen Mental Health and Substance Abuse disorders.  We find that used in conjunction with our other therapeutic approaches, our Teen Action Oriented Therapy sessions provide valuable opportunities for teens to make important and lasting life changes.

Teen Action Oriented Therapy is an excellent and natural supplement to Teen Insight Oriented Therapy.  The Teen Action Oriented Therapy approach is based on the premise that once teens make important insights into the stressors and conflicts present in their lives, they then need to make healthy changes, in accordance with these discoveries.  Ultimately, it is the actions teen take in their own lives that will lead to them regaining power and well-being, in all areas of their lives.

The Teen Action Oriented Therapy process begins with therapists working with teens, to help them discover what kinds of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs might be present that are causing or aggravating negative effects in their lives.  Once this occurs, therapists will then help teens to identify changes they can make, in line with these discoveries.  One of the many benefits of Teen Action Oriented Therapy is that it helps teens to distill the introspective work they’re doing in therapy, into practical goals that they can focus on and practice.  Because teens in treatment are often processing a wide, sometimes overwhelming number of thoughts and feelings, it can be helpful for them to be able to identify individual goals and then work intentionally toward achieving them.  This can help provide a more tangible focus than the more subtle, introspective work,.  The wonderful combination of creating change that stems from deeper emotional work is a powerful tool in supporting teens to take meaningful, poignant steps in their lives.

Because Teen Action Oriented Therapy has a particular goal as the focus, usually sessions tend to be more structured and directive than other talk therapy sessions.  Therapists will work with teens to help them first identify goals, and then help them to process what kinds of steps of action might help the teens to reach those goals.  These steps might include a number of different things, including stopping of problematic behaviors, making positive efforts within relationships, implementing organization in responsibilities, and/or implementation of healthy ways to cope with stress and tension.
Teen Action Oriented Therapy has been proven to be successful in helping treat a number of different Teen Mental Health and Substance abuse conditions, including but not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Eating Disorders.  At Paradigm San Francisco, we incorporated Teen Action Oriented Therapy within our daily individual therapy sessions.