Support for Teens with Diabetes

support for teens with diabetes

At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re proud to say we design every treatment plan individually, following the thorough diagnostic interview, which assesses all different aspects of teens’ current health, including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects. We then use this information in creating a holistic treatment plan that can address all aspects of teens’ overall well-being, including any specific attention or support they might need. To this end, we’ve designed our unique Support for Teen with Diabetes program.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we understand that some teens have specific needs and symptoms, which may require extra support and oversight, during their time here with us. Whereas many treatment programs provide pre-designed treatment care based solely on outward symptoms, we know from experience that this approach tends to be insufficient and sometimes even harmful. By designing treatment according to the individual, we’re afforded the opportunity to custom-tailor the treatment so that teens are working intensively in precise areas, while not wasting valuable time on unneeded activities. Specifically for teens with diabetes, we’ve designed a special support system, to ensure that teens feel safe, healthy, and supported, while at Paradigm San Francisco. In addition to our mental health team, we also have a nurse practitioner in residence, who works closely with teens in helping to monitor the teens’ levels, physical health, and overall energy. The nurse practitioner is also here to help educate teens and families, as well as answer any questions, about the mental health and substance abuse treatment process, for teens with diabetes.

In our many years of providing residential treatment, we’ve seen teens with diabetes able to have meaningful, poignant experiences here at Paradigm, even amidst navigating the particular struggles and health concerns that can sometimes be associated with diabetes. Because our overall holistic treatment approach is already designed to address and support teens’ physical health, we find that meeting the specific needs of teens with diabetes is possible and even organic, for our team. During your teen’s stay here with us at Paradigm San Francisco, different members of your teen’s treatment team will coordinate all aspects of her or his care, including specific aspects related to diabetes, but also alongside things like a nutrition plan, an exercise regime, medication oversight, relaxation techniques, individual and group therapy sessions, and more. In this way, teens with diabetes that come to us at Paradigm San Francisco will not only receive the utmost care and attention for diabetes, but will be supported to grow and heal in all different areas of their lives.