Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health | Paradigm San Francisco

At Paradigm San Francisco, our treatment programs include a Spiritual Health component, which is designed to support teens as they do the important introspective work necessary to reconnect with themselves, in the deepest way possible. This means helping teens to clarify their ambitions, rediscover their inner voices, re-establish goals and beliefs, and find ways to practice connecting to themselves. We believe that supporting this kind of spiritual journey helps to further teens’ treatment goals, while also adding meaning and substance to their lives.

There are a number of different ways we provide spiritual support to teens, including teaching teens’ practices such as:

By helping teens to identify and understand their inner emotional experience in these contexts, we support them in continuing to find and form a spiritual foundation.

This kind of spiritual foundation, in which teens learn a value of their inner voice and unique selves, goes hand-in-hand with our holistic treatment philosophy and process, which is constantly asking teens to reflect and to observe. For many teens, we find that supplementing our traditional teen therapy sessions with this spiritual support serves to further the efforts and energy teens are able to put forth, toward their larger treatment goals.

We also recognize that while no religious belief system is taught or required at Paradigm San Francisco, for some teens, spiritual health includes religious practice. We respect each teen’s right to practice religion of choice and do our best to support these needs, including things such as dietary needs, religious services, and/or other observances. To learn more about the Spiritual Health program, click here.