Physical Health

At Paradigm San Francisco, we believe that mental and emotional health are intrinsically tied to physical health.  For this reason, we incorporate treatment aspects to support and nurture the biological healing processes in teens, throughout their time here with us.  The Physical Health component of our teen treatment programs at Paradigm San Francisco include the following:


Medical Evaluation

Physical Health | Paradigm San FranciscoUpon entering Paradigm San Francisco, all teens receive a medical evaluation by our in-house nurse practitioner.  This evaluation provides baseline measurements of teens’ physical health, so that our team can be knowledgeable and equipped as possible to address all aspects of teens’ current health and systemic functioning.

Countless studies show that physical health and emotional health are inextricably linked.  Therefore, when teens are struggling with emotional health issues, they are at much greater risk for experiencing a range of physical ailments.  Alternatively, physical health ailments can often present symptoms which mimic and/or provoke emotional health complications, such as anxiety, panic attacks, and/or depression.  Because of the commonness and complexity of these relationships, we believe it’s imperative to understand the full range of teens’ current physical health, so that we can accurately, precisely, and thoroughly design and provide treatment.  You may learn more about the Medical Evaluation, here.


Nutritional Evaluation

At Paradigm San Francisco, we operate from the premise that good nutrition can be a powerful tool in promoting teens’ optimal physical health. For this reason, all teens receive a nutritional evaluation upon entering our program, which will be used in assessing what potential allergies, deficiencies, or other nutritional factors might be contributing to and/or affecting their current symptoms or health.  

While the larger health community has long promoted good nutrition as one way to achieve optimal health, research continues to emerge, revealing clear links between adolescents’ emotional and behavioral health and their diet. Moreover, there is increasing evidence that shows healthy diet can be used to help alleviate symptoms associated with depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, ADD, drug cravings, and more. In seeking to support teens in all aspects of wellness and empower them to improve their overall quality of life, we not only incorporate healthful eating into all Paradigm treatment plans but also educate teens as to how to make intentional, informed eating choices, to support their own health, moving forward.


Neurofeedback Treatment

At Paradigm San Francisco, we combine the best progressive and traditional therapeutic techniques, in order to provide the most effective and thorough treatment possible.  One of the tools we incorporate is Neurofeedback sessions, also known as EEG Bio Feedback, which is a painless, evidence-based treatment, which essentially allows teens to observe- and ultimately modify- their brainwave activity.  Neurofeedback sessions have been proven effective in helping teens gain self-awareness and insight which can help improve impulse control, anxiety, eating disorders, drug addiction, panic attacks, depression, behavioral issues, and more.  



Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of medicine, proven to have profound effects on teens struggling with mental and emotional health issues as well as alcohol and substance abuse addiction.  Statistics provided by the National Drug Court show that teens who receive regular acupuncture sessions are almost 35% less likely to relapse. Moreover, acupuncture has been proven to help reduce symptoms related to mental illness, such as imbalance of brain chemistry, production of endorphins, calming of the nervous system, balancing of the endocrine system, improving quality of sleep, and more. While participation is completely voluntary, we encourage teens to try it and for those that are uncomfortable with needles, we also offer needle-free options. Learn more about our Acupuncture Treatment program here.


Integrative Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been proven to be effective in promoting improved physical and mental health and specifically beneficial for teens in treatment for emotional and behavioral health challenges.  Integrative Yoga Therapy is a yoga practice specifically useful in treating teen drug addiction and teen mental illness, such as depression and anxiety. We also find that as yoga inherently promotes self-awareness, focus, and connection between teens’ bodies and minds, it can be extremely beneficial in helping teens gain insight into themselves, their behaviors, and their feelings, as well as to enhance teens’ ability to engage authentically throughout their treatment process. Yoga therapy has been proven to be beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions, including things such as trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and more.  Learn more here.


Recreational Therapy

In addition to addressing teens’ symptoms, behaviors, and relationships, we also strongly believe in promoting and nurturing positive activities and experiences in teens’ lives. In fact, we believe that treatment that only focuses on negative aspects of teens’ lives are remiss in their narrow focus.  To this end, we incorporate numerous programs designed to add positive, enjoyable time to teens’ stay here, including our Recreational Therapy program, which allows opportunities to alleviate stress, strengthen their bodies, during fun, sober, physical activities such as bike riding, hiking, horseback riding, and more. It’s important to note that we always recognize that teens have their own physical abilities and limitations and these differences are always treated with utmost respect. Our Recreational Therapy program provides teens with exciting ways to enjoy themselves and enhance their health at the same time.  Learn more about the program here!