Parent Coaching and Effectiveness Training

Parent Effectiveness Training | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we work with parents and family members in numerous different capacities, in order to address the well-being of the whole family.  Though our primary goal is to fully support and address the needs of teens, we also work closely with family members, in order to educate them, equip them, support them, and encourage them, while their teens are in treatment.  In a word, we believe that teens having healthy, supportive relationships and open communication with their parents is fundamental to their overall lasting well-being.  To this end, we’ve designed a number of different resources and classes for teens and their families, including our Teen Effectiveness Training.

At Paradigm San Francisco, our Parent Effectiveness Training sessions are facilitated by a trainer of P.E.T.  During these sessions, our trainer teaches parents the proven parenting method strategies, which substantially improves each family member’s ability to continue progressing on the growth and healing that occurred during treatment.  We understand that when a teen is in treatment for mental health and/or substance abuse conditions, it can be incredibly challenging, frustrating, and scary, for parents to navigate.  Because it’s common for there to be some tension between teens and their parents preceding treatment, we not only want to help address and strengthen those relationships in treatment, but also support and equip parents to feel more prepared and knowledgeable to support their teens, once they return home.  

During Parent Effectiveness Training sessions, therapists lead participants through a number of different issues, including things such as:

  • communication styles
  • active listening
  • conflict resolution
  • common communication roadblocks
  • behavior windows
  • parenting styles

While the intricacies of each family is of course different, therapists work with parents, to identify and address how their relationships and dynamics can improve.  Therapists will also sometimes have parents practice certain techniques, in order to learn how certain dynamics and approaches might play out.  Parents will also learn different practical ways to support their teens, such as modifying the home environment, providing teens with extra support with problem areas (such as school work,) and find ways to avoid and/or prevent triggers in the household.

We find that for many families, our Parent Effectiveness Training helps parents to become knowledgeable, educated, and more confident in navigating specific aspects of their family dynamics.  These sessions also help parents and teens to have constructive conversations and set new boundaries and goals together, as to how to enjoy a healthy, supportive household, upon the teens’ return home.  This, in turn, helps to reduce parents’ stress and anxiety, surrounding their efforts to support their teens.