Shelby Terhorst

Shelby Terhorst is an alumna of Butte College and an experienced educational program director who encourages teens – through academic and tutoring support as well as individual encouragement and motivation – to find value and purpose in their education. Her person-centered and humanistic approach encourages students to imagine, explore and plan for their goals and dreams. Prior to Paradigm, Shelby directed a program for teens with cognitive challenges, where she was tasked to create and implement customized curriculum that supported each student’s individual educational goals. She is trained and certified in crisis management and she greatly values the opportunity to help each teen find strategies and motivations that will help them to become empowered, not only as students, but as individuals. Beyond the classroom, Shelby coordinates with parents and schools to best support each student’s educational and mental health needs.

Teen and adolescent residential treatment program that has the privilege of serving families from throughout the US and abroad.